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All SportsBlogs are fully-loaded with features that set you up for success. SportsBlog's new universal, fully-responsive interface is shared by all blogs and has high-definition retina support for crisp graphics; deep social-integration, built-in revenue and cross-promotion tools.

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Gorgeous on every screen

SportsBlogs are fully responsive with 4K high-definition graphics high resolution support. The responsive design is optimized for smart phones, tablets, laptops and even large desktop monitors.

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Make a Strong First Impression with Cover Pages

Introduce your blog in style by choosing a high-definition cover-image from SportsBlog's built-in library... or create and upload your own for complete customization. Go even further and include a custom logo and slogan for a lasting impact.

Add an Impact with Header Images

Use SportsBlog's built-in library of USA Today Sports Photography to add stunning full-width header image to your posts.

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Engage your Readers with Slideshows and Polls

Include custom slideshows and polls right on your blog with just a few clicks

Start a conversation with reblogging

Go beyond commenting and watch as readers reblog your post right onto their SportsBlog to give your voice a boost and fuel the conversation.

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Harness Deep Social Integration

It's a world gone social. Blogs, photos, quotes and even individual lines of text can be instantly shared on leading social platforms. SportsBloggers can even include tweets and Instagrams in posts with just one click.

Grow alongside the community with cross-promotion

Attracting readers is one of the most challenging obstacles facing bloggers. SportsBloggers help each other grow by promoting each other's best content on their blogs, harnessing the network effect for everyone's advantage.

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Blogging is a team sport

SportsBlog has full support for group blogging. Invite other writers to join your team, or let your fans request that they write for you. Readers can subscribe to your blog to be notified any member of the team posts, or they can follow individual writers.


SportsBlog shares 50% of advertisement revenue generated from a bloggers individual blog based on the quality and quantity of traffic their blog receives. SportsBlog handles all of the technology, sponsors and advertisements so that SportsBloggers can focus on publishing and sharing great content. SportsBloggers are able to see revenue-earned in near real-time and can cash-out their earnings once they've earned a minimum of $25.00.

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Millions of sports gifs, photos and videos at your finger tips

Instantly search and include trending animated GIFs right from your SportsBlog dashboard. While writing a post, SportsBloggers have access to the libraries of GIPHY sports, USA Today Sports Photos, YouTube, Flickr and more...