I'm a professional writer and photographer who comes from a hockey family, lives in the town that is considered by some to be the very birthplace of hockey and has enthusiastically followed hockey since the very beginning of time. I have written about it, photographed it, played it, coached it and refereed it.

You've heard of "armchair experts"? That's me.

I say, "We will leave the real analysis to the real analysts ... we should market this as opinions which sometimes are not stupid."

This is my somewhat secret, mostly-incognito guilty pleasure. Therefore expect rants, raves, rampant verbosity, biased reporting and all that other good stuff that comes when no other editor is around to talk sense into me. I apologize in advance.

I have written several books, all non fiction, edited many more and ghosted on a few others, was once listed by Forbes and have hung upside down in a helicopter to take photos of a polar bear giving birth in northern Manitoba. I have had jobs that were a lot like the Hip song with the lyrics "I have a job, I explore, I follow every little whim" and others that were more like "get me outta this place". Essentially, I run around and collects life stories. This is going to be the one that starts out, "I had a hockey site once ..."

I just opened my first Twitter account, @thehockeybrain.

I have my own little corner of the web. Please do visit:


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