I was born in Rhode Island and grew up around sports. Sports are my life. I attend the University of Tampa and have a rare range of favorite teams. I am a Giants, Orioles, Celtics and Ducks fanatic. I will be writing about major news, and things going on with my teams. I hope to someday have my career based in the sports world. This is step 1.

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Just a college kid that's passionate about Colorado sports teams, and sports in general!

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Nothing but the Celtics baby!

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If you like to talk about sports, you came to the right place,

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Your Source for NY Giants News and More!

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Featuring all your U.S. soccer and Colorado Rockies news

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Sports news, rumors, and highlights. Betting odds, in-depth selections and much more. Hit that follow button!

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Unfiltered Sports Opinions

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Covering all news and controversies surrounding the Sports world

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