Hi, my name is Sam Irwin. On June 6th, of 1997 I was born. But that's not all. On June 6th, 1997 I became I Michigan Wolverines Football fan. I am die hard though ups and downs with Michigan Football no matter what! I live in the state of Michigan in Livingston County about 45 miles outside of the great football city of Ann Arbor where Michigan hosts teams in the largest stadium in the United States Michigan Stadium. I have my own expectations set as a fan for Michigan to make me happy as a fan. Those expectations being; WInning the Big Title, beating Ohio State, and being the best College football team this world has ever known. I don't care how arrogant it sounds. That's how it is here. A guy named Bo Schembechler, a former Michigan Football coach set those expectations of Michigan football once he took the job in 1969, and in this era of Michigan Football that is not to be forgotten, and we need to rise to that sky high expectation. Hopefully I'll be able to right a blog on how we reached our goal eventually someday. Go Blue!

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