I am a 20 year old junior at Oakland University. I love music, basketball, and the people around me.

NBA junky and a loyal Detroit sports fan till the day I die.

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Writing about the wide world of sports

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Hello, I am Jamaal Fisher and this is my sports blog. I will be write on various topics in sports (mostly basketball). Please support!!

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The intention of this blog is to share my thoughts on many topics on today's NBA. This blog is completely opinion based, and is hopefully enjoyable for any reader out there.

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this is the deciscription

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Just Your Average Joe!

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A blog from a Common Man, For the Common Man. Or (Wo)man. A Mainers view on New England sports and sports nationwide

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I write articles regarding all the major sports news, especially ones about the Bay Area teams, and all teams in general.

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NBA and Miami Heat News in One Place!

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Everything Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs

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The Source for all Sports. -@CJ_H_12.

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