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Raw Sports Beat

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Former American citizen living in Spain and giving my view on sports from the other side of the pond. While still digesting sports news from back home.

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News, Transfer and More

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An open minded review, of all things Real Madrid, La Liga, and soccer, and occasionally other sports.

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I love to talk about sport, therefore I love to blog about sport. But especially football (A.K.A. soccer), the best sport. @_gmdoe

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Anything and everything about sports

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Here to Give You Your Sports Fix!

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After writing for Bound for Glory, Nick's BB, The Big TIp and other places I've decided to start my own blog writing on an array of topics such as Wrestling, AFL, and other sports that I am very interested. I am a Collingwood and Newcastle fan and would be writing about them as well as my local side Glenorchy.

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Football is my life. FC BARCELONA is my heartbeat. Watch out for interesting views on the best club in the world and the best sport in the world.

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