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"Detroit vs. Everybody is not a slogan of pride rather a slogan of truths."

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The new age of sports journalism begins here

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Jess: "Have you guys been baking?"
Coach: "Aww, nah--a bakery downtown exploded, don't bother looking into it, it's not on the internet,"
New Girl.

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To share my knowledge and opinion with others about sports and be able to communicate with other sport fans in the world.

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daily MLB, NBA, and NFL predictions as well as NBA and NFL discussion

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Just a nerd with a knack for stats

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After writing for Bound for Glory, Nick's BB, The Big TIp and other places I've decided to start my own blog writing on an array of topics such as Wrestling, AFL, and other sports that I am very interested. I am a Collingwood and Newcastle fan and would be writing about them as well as my local side Glenorchy.

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Everything Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs

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This sports blog is for all the die hard sports fans that need a place to express their thoughts and feelings about some of sports most controversial topics!

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A Blog About The Best Vehicles Around

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