Potential Hot Seat For This NBA Coach

The coach I am mentioning in the title is Milwaukee Bucks Head Coach Jason Kidd.  After his first year coaching the Nets he was traded to the Bucks in a vintage, weird move by the horrible  Brooklyn Nets franchise.  He got that Nets squad to the 2nd round of the playoffs which is pretty impressive considering most of the roster was around his age at the time.  In his first season with Milwaukee they played .500 ball with a very young roster that was talented but could not get past the surprisingly healthy Chicago Bulls.  That is understandable and it looked like the Bucks were on the come up for sure.  

The very next season the Bucks regressed, going 33-49 and missing the playoffs.  This was their first full season with Michael Carter-Williams running the point (who's terrible to be honest) and it was also Jabari Parker's rookie year.  While the roster was still young, dipping under .500 immediately after barely playing at that level the season before is not a good look when you have a roster with so much talent and length.  Health was not an issue for this team either so you can throw that excuse out the window immediately.  Giannis Antetokounmpo played 80 games, Jabari Parker played 76, Khris Middleton played 79, and Greg Monroe played 79 as well.  Greg Monroe probably couldn't be a worse fit for this team if he tried to be and Jason Kidd continued to start him.  With a team that struggled to shoot last year (last in 3s made as a team) it makes no sense to have a guy like Monroe who is a post up player that is slow and doesn't rebound well start a majority of the games he played in.  He did just come off singing a big contract with them but that shouldn't be an excuse to miss use him like that.  He hurts this team's spacing which won't work when two of the best players, Giannis and Jabari, make a living in getting to the rim.    

This brings us to this current season and how they are playing so far.  Before I get into that, I just want to say Thank GOD they got rid of Michael Carter-Williams.  Not only is he not good at all, but he is another bad fit for this team.  With the shooting struggles they have with The Greek Freak and Jabari, having MCW out on the floor with them really makes no sense.  Those guys are so good off the dribble and getting into the paint that when teams could leave Carter-Williams open to help guard those two it really hurts them.  In the past off season the Bucks added some showers in Matthew Dellavedova, Mirza Teletovic, Michael Beasley, and Jason Terry.  Delly got severely over paid in my opinion and his shooting numbers have dropped while only playing 5 more minutes than he did last season.  Teletovic is shooting the ball pretty well from beyond the arc and I, personally, think he should get more starts.  He's playing mostly PF for them but can also play SF. If they were to start him with Giannis playing PG instead of Delly, Tony Snell at SG until Middleton is back, Parker at the 4, and John Henson playing the 5 it might end up working wonders for them.  There are very few PGs in the league that would be able to stay with Giannis if he were primarily playing that position and having Delly off the bench would help depth while at the same time keeping ancient Jason Terry off the floor.  The fact that Kidd decided to make the lineup change and have Monroe coming off the bench is actually a good move.  This team's offense however should be much better considering how smart Kidd was offensively as a player.  If J-Kidd were to tweak the lineup a little that could help them out and it should be something he considers because they could be much more productive with Giannis being the monster he is and Jabari Parker coming into his own.  Defensively, the Bucks should be MUCH better than being middle of the pack in terms of opponents PPG like they are right now.  People love to talk about the length and athleticism this team has on its roster and for good reason.  Giannis, John Henson, Plumlee, Beasley, Middleton once he's back, Tony Snell and even Thon Maker.  Even Delly is a tough and annoying defender.  All of those guys, other than Delly, are genetic freaks.  Long and athletic and really shouldn't give up more than like 95 points per game if they are really playing defense.  They were 8th in overall defense in Kidd's first year, then they dropped to 17th, and currently sit at 14th this season.  Consistently have gotten worse defensively under Jason Kidd and have made no strides offensively.  While it is still pretty early in the season, Jason Kidd might want to get this team playing like they could ASAP.  Kidd is signed through the 2019-202 season in Milwaukee but will he make it that long? Maybe not if this keeps up.