Starting 5 of Players Who Have Been Waived This Year

Every year there seems to be a few players that get dropped before the season start and people think "How has no one signed this guy?" or "How does no one think this guy can contribute?"  Its always interesting seeing which veterans suck now and get waived or which college stars end up being bums as a pro.  There are so many starting rotations you could role out there of electric guys who just aren't good enough but here is mine.

Point Guard: Brady Heslip

Brady Heslip has never played a game in the NBA and just got waived by the Raptors in October.  Played for a couple games for Minnesota in the Summer league and played 4 games for Toronto in preseason then got cut.  Heslip was an absolute BALLER at Baylor and in the D-League though.  Just raining 3s from everywhere like he was part of the Curry Family.  Need this guy to get minutes somewhere and I needed it as soon as he got waived.  The Celtics D-League affiliate, the Sixers, or even some team in China.  Get this guy a contract.  I will not stand for an slander towards the three-point shooting treasure that is Brady Heslip.

Shooting Guard: Archie Goodwin

I actually feel bad for Archie Goodwin because he got lost in the shuffle that is the Phoenix Suns.  Just drafting every Kentucky guard they can possibly get and hopig for the best.  If Goodwin was on almost any other team he would probably still be on a roster.  With teams like Philadelphia or Brooklyn who need young potential like I need air it probably won't be very long until Archie is on an NBA roster again.  Can he shoot? Not yet.  Can he defend? Haven't really seen enough of him on the court to really know.  Does he jump out of the gym like so many Kentucky guards do? You bet your ass he does.

I don't even know if Archie Goodwin is old enough to legally drink yet.  He is obviously still very young and probably still has potential to be a good player.  Lets get this guy some actual minutes and see what he can do. 

Small Foward: Jordan Adams

Jordan Adams is listed as a shooting guard but we're going to go ahead and slide him down to the 3 spot for some small ball.  Its a copy cat league people, get with the times.  Adams just got waived by the Grizzlies which means if hes not on a team by like December he will get signed by them again because Memphis is just a roster full of injuries.  Jordan Adams was a 1st round draft pick for Memphis so I'm a little surprised they waived him.  Only saw him on TV for myself like maybe two times but from I remember he could give you some buckets.  He was also one of those random players in 2K that had like a 71 rating but could give anyone 30 in a second.  I'm all in on guys who are bad in real life but get buckets in 2K, which leads to the player I'm taking as my PF who just got waived. 

Power Forward: Yi Jianlian

A personal favorite of mine, the legend Yi Jianlian.  After 5 season of bouncing around in the NBA and then returning to China Yi got signed and then waived recently by the Lakers.  Yi is money all the time no matter what he is doing.  Whether it is dribbling around chairs in his draft workouts or winning the MVP in China this guy is awesome.  As a Celtics fan I have never been more ecstatic about the Lakers signing a player.  Yi Jianlian is another player who was an absolute monster in 2K.  In 2K11 when he was on the Wizards his rating was around 68-70 but he was probably the best player in the game.  Absolutely unstoppable from everywhere on the court.  Step-back 3s, posting people up, and dunking on everyone.  Ask anyone i have ever played in that game and they will tell you Yi is good for at least 45 points against any team.  Whether he gets another NBA contract or goes back to China he is going to kill everyone, jump on the Yi bandwagon now while there's still room. 

Center: Greg Stiemsma

Former Boston Celtic Greg Stiemsma just got waived by the Trail Blazers in October.  Want an enormous human that is probably just going to foul anyone who gets the ball near him? Then Greg Stiemsma is your guy.  I thought he was awesome in his 1 year with the Celtics even though it really felt like he was there for about 3 years.  Just comes in and bodies anyone who gets in his way.  In 2014 when he was with New Orleans he was actually averaging more fouls a game than points.  He's the enforcer your favorite team needs ASAP.  Your classic player that announcers describe him as "giving this team solid minutes" or "brings that toughness factor off the bench".  Doesn't really have an offensive game but he will hit someone or just scare them into not coming near him.  Get this guy on a roster or I won't watch the NBA anymore.