Why Was Dahntay Jones at The Ring Ceremony?

I am the only person that thinks this is absolutely bizarre? The Cavs waived Dahntay Jones literally the day before they got their rings and then he was just hanging out with them for the ring ceremony.  This is like if you were to get cut from a team in high school but they still invite you to the team dinner at some kids house.  If I'm Dahntay Jones I don't think I go to that ceremony right after I got waived so they could keep some bum named DeAndre Liggins.  Just send me the ring if I'm put in this position, doesn't change the fact he was there when they won it all.  What makes it even more weird is that he really didn't do anything for this Cavaliers team.  Last season he literally played ONE regular season game for Cleveland.  One single game.  In the Finals the only person who played less minutes than Dahntay Jones was Jordan McRae.  He played the least amount of minutes on the Conference Finals and Semi-Finals and in the 1st round he played for literally one minute.  He logged more minutes in the D-League last year as a 34 year-old than he did at any point in the NBA season including playoffs and regular season.  He had to be on of the oldest players in the D-League by the way, 34 years-old playing there is not a good look.  Not only is there no reason for him to be at the ceremony, I don't think this guy deserves a ring.  Theres no room in the game for guys who play dirty and actually injure guys like Dahntay Jones has in the past.  

I understand playing hard and being scrape but that is not at all what Dahntay Jones does.  Guy plays dirty and I really hope he doesn't get signed by another NBA team.