Dave Gettleman Has Destroyed The Carolina Panthers

By adamit2584
Oct. 16, 2016

When GM Dave Gettleman came to the Carolina Panthers, most Panthers fans thought it was a great move. After all Gettleman had led the New York Giants to two Super Bowl titles, and helped get the Panthers out of "salary cap hell" as most fans would call it. However after starting the 2016 season 1-5, a season in which the Panthers were supposed to contend for a Super Bowl championship, Panthers fans are finally beginning to see Gettleman for what he really is, a below average GM who tries to win with below average players.

Gettleman made a number of mistakes during the 2016 offseason, most importantly letting star cornerback, and Panthers number one priority, Josh Norman walk away from a long term extension. Gettleman also failed to sign any high end free agents to help the Panthers contend in 2016 and also failed to get DT Kawaan Short signed to a long term deal. Now the Panthers are sitting at 1-5 going into their bye week, in a season in which they should have been a dominant contender to repeat as NFC Champions. 

It's not that the Panther's don't have the money to lock up their own stars (i.e.: Kawaan Short), or go out and get help for a secondary and defensive line that desperately needs it, the Panthers currently have a little over 20 million dollars in salary cap space. However Gettleman simply seems content to let the 2016 season waste away, and doesn't seem to care that most, if not all Panthers fans, are turning against him.

If Panthers owner Jerry Richardson wants to keep his fan base and keep his Panthers competitive for the foreseeable future, he will make a decision to let Gettleman go and find a GM that genuinely wants to content and win championships as opposed to trying to save as much money as possible and win as cheap as possible.