Luke Kuechly Leading the NFL in Tackles; Has Chance to Set Record

By adamit2584
Oct. 17, 2016

Really no surprise here, but Carolina Panthers LB Luke Kuechly currently leads the NFL in tackles with 68 through six games in 2016. The only player close to Kuechly is Buffalo Bills LB Zach Brown, who has 67.

Kuechly also has one sack and one interception to go with his league leading 68 tackles. 

At his current pace, Kuechly is averaging 11.3 tackles per game, which puts him on track to total a little over 180 tackles for the 2016 season, which would be a career best for Kuechly, whose current highest tackle total for a season came in his rookie season of 2012 when he recorded 164 tackles.

The NFL record for most tackles in a season is 195 by Detroit Lions LB Chris Spielman in 1994, so at his current pace, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Kuechly could make a serious run at that record for a single season. Ray Lewis is currently second for most tackles in a single season with 184, which he accomplished in 1997 with the Baltimore Ravens