Mid Season Super Bowl LI Predictions

By adamit2584
Nov. 05, 2016

Halfway through the NFL season, the AFC and NFC conferences haven't exactly played out like a lot of people thought before the season began. Well, really more so the NFC than the AFC. 

Currently the Patriots sit a top the AFC with a 7-1 record, and are the clear favorites to win the AFC and be in Super Bowl LI, which is what most people expected. However it might not be quite as easy as some think for the Patriots. The Oakland Raiders (6-1) and Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) appear to be very strong and won't be an easy out in the playoffs, and everyone knows the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3) can get hot at the right time and make a run. But if I had to pick the AFC Championship game as it stands right now, give me the Raiders traveling to New England, with the Patriots prevailing.

The NFC has been a bit harder to figure out so far this year, and there really doesn't appear to be one dominate team. Pre-season favorites have started off very slow, the Carolina Panthers (2-5) and the Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1). The Green Bay Packers (4-3) have also struggled somewhat through the first half of the season. Who saw the NFC front runners at this point in the season being the Dallas Cowboys (6-1), Atlanta Falcons (6-3) and the Minnesota Vikings (5-2). Also you can't over look the Seattle Seahawks (4-2). The NFC is extremely difficult to call right now because I'm not sure the Cowboys or Falcons can continue their strong play for a full season, and the Vikings, after winning their first five games have lost their last two, and looked bad doing it. If I have to pick the NFC Championship game right now, I would say the Cowboys traveling to the Seahawks. But there are just too many teams that you can't count out right now, not even the Panthers or Cardinals.

So my mid season Super Bowl LI prediction? Patriots vs. Cowboys