Players the Carolina Panthers Should Consider Trading

By adamit2584
Oct. 12, 2016

Sitting at 1-4, it's pretty much time for the Panthers to start looking to 2017, the Panthers have too many holes to fix and if they want to be competitive again next season, should consider trading some players that have value. Below are some guys I think the Panthers could get decent value for in a trade.

(1) Devin Funchess - Funchess is a big target, and if used properly in the right offensive scheme could be a big threat. The Panthers could get either a player back at a position of need or could even get a relatively high draft pick in return for Funchess, or possibly both for a receiver needy team. The Panthers should consider making Funchess available for trade.

(2) Kawaan Short - After having a dominant year in 2015, Short is having a much more sluggish year so far in 2016. The Panthers are fairly deep at defensive line and could absorb not having Short on the roster. Most teams in the NFL regard the Panthers as having one of the best defensive lines in the league, and after posting 11 sacks last season, the Panthers could easily get a very high return for Short. 

(3) Derek Anderson - A lot of teams are QB needy, and Anderson could help a lot of teams. I know the Panthers love having Anderson as that safety net to Cam Newton, but the Panthers have so many other areas of need that must be addressed to get back to being a contender, it's time to let go of that safety net, and get what they can from a team that needs a QB.