Guess What Day It Is | CFB Playoff Game Overviews

By Alex Davies
Dec. 03, 2016

Well today is the day. The best of each conference will be going head-to-head to earn their position in {hopefully} the Championship. 

We'll Start with the Best Conference First....

(**general top four conferences** not all are listed)


1) Alabama vs. 15) Florida : While Alabama is estimated to take the W on this game, Florida is still putting in the work and hoping to upset the Tide.  Since there isn't really a precedent based on a number one team losing at this level to a lower ranked team within the conference, there is still speculation about the Tide still being able to earn their spot in the CFB Playoff. According to ESPN, Saban is not taking this game lightly since if the Tide wins this one, they will continue on while also holding the title of SEC Champions. Also going into this game with Saban's views are his players. It is known each week that these players do not take games lightly. Saban makes sure of that, but also Alabama strives for perfection in each aspect of their plays whether it be offensively or defensively, they continue to strive for that perfect W-L ratio each season. #RollTide or #ChompChomp.... we'll see at 4 p.m. as these teams go head to head in the Atlanta at the Georgia Dome.


3) Clemson vs. 23) Virginia Tech:  As Clemson is up once again for an ACC title, this team is not going to take this team lightly, especially with a Heisman candidate in the mix. Both teams have done well in their division games but this rivalry is much more than just leading their divisions. ESPN states, "The Tigers had to rebuild a defense that lost eight starters from the 2015 club." This team has gone far in their rebuilding year and no doubt will continue to do so. Virginia Tech has also had a hard time with dealing with a new coach. There's no doubt that these teams are working continuously to make this a great game and willing to take on the other for the title of ACC champions. So many key players on both sides will make this game one to watch. The Tigers and Hokies go head-to-head in the Dr. Pepper ACC Championship game tonight at 8 p.m. #Tigers #Hokies

Big Ten 

6) Wisconsin vs. 7) Penn State: This game is going to be intense. Both teams have put their all into prior games throughout their divisions which have led them here. Whichever team wins this has a chance to play in the CFB championship, but of course whoever loses is basically eliminated on the spot. These teams have gone against some of the best in their divisions and have come out on top (aka: why rankings got messed up there for a little bit...). The teams will face off tonight at 8 p.m. in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.


Congrats, to Washington for taking the W against Colorado yesterday night. Washington, ranked #4 in the nation won 41-10 against the Buffaloes and will continue on in hopes of the championship. 

We'll see who takes their titles tonight and who gets eliminated.

-Davies Out