College Football, Raise a glass to Florida, or maybe the entire bottle...|Gators vs. Bulldogs

By Alex Davies
Oct. 31, 2016

In one of the biggest rivalries of the year,  the Georgia Bulldogs have lost to the Florida Gators for the past three years at the " World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" in Jacksonville, Fl. 

Florida, who is currently ranked as 14th in the poll, gave the Bulldogs the run around this weekend in Jacksonville ending the game 24-10. Florida did a great job this weekend of not allowing Georgia to have much possession of the ball as well as stopping Nick Chubb from running the football as he is known for in other games this season. Chubb held a total of only 20 yards and 9 carries. 

While some accounts state that the Gators "rattled" Jacob Eason, I beg to differ. Eason was spot on several times, just about hitting his teammates in the chest with the football. Through no fault of his own, Eason was stopped at 143 yards for the whole game, which is the lowest average the Bulldogs have had all season. Eason did what he could but the Bulldogs' O-line could not defend against Florida's defense. 

Florida dominated this weekend ending with 231 yards to Georgia's measly 164. Florida was able to get past Georgia's defense to make a touchdown every quarter but the fourth. Florida's total time of possession was 37:37 to Georgia's 22:33 in EverBank Field. Georgia gave up several first down attempts falling behind the Gators with only 8 first downs. The Gators ended with 20. 

Georgia, a rebuilding team, is learning their strengths and weaknesses as the season progresses. The Bulldogs' major weaknesses are: their O-line, inexperience on the field and not being to hold other team's to the minimum of touchdowns and yardage. Week-after-week, the game leaders consist of Eason, Chubb and Godwin. These players seemingly carry the team since there are so few veterans either on the O-line or defensively to protect these players. The freshman QB has gone through the ringer this season trying not to get sacked but several of his teammates can't hold the opposition. Due to Georgia not recruiting the best of the best over the years, has led them to the state they are in now. Coach Smart is still learning the ropes as head coach in this honeymoon phase with the team. Give it a few years and in 2020, the Bulldogs will be experienced and have new, better recruits than what previous coach, Mark Richt, has recruited. Coach Richt recruited some great players but wasn't able to pull in the best of the best, unfortunately for the Dawgs. 

The Gators have continued to impress with their defense and being able to push past the defense and run the ball further and further down the field. The Gators stopped two fourth-down plays in the fourth quarter to push the Bulldogs away from the end zone. Unfortunately for the Gators, the next few games in the season aren't going to be as easy for them as this one was. The Gators will face the Gamecocks, the Tigers (LSU) and the Razorbacks in the coming weeks. If they manage to stay ahead in the division, they will return to the title game at the end of the season. 

The Gators will play Arkansas next Saturday and the Bulldogs will play Kentucky.  

-Davies Out