Trail Blazers will not stand a chance in this series after Game 2.

By Josh Lynch
May. 17, 2019

This series in the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers is flat-out over! Of course, any team that loses in Game 1 must be given the benefit of the doubt in giving them another chance to see what they are really made of. But after tonight, I think it’s safe to say these Trail Blazer’s don’t even stand a chance. On top of that -- Kevin Durant is not even playing!

Right from the start of the game, a cut to the basket by Draymond Green would basically serve as the highlight of game 2. Then another one, then another one, then another cut to the basket until it all payed off in the end for the Warriors. It was almost like half of their points had been generated by poor defense on behalf of the entire Trail Blazers team. We’re talking about fundamental defense that should not even have to be stated in making sure it’s executed. Failed box-outs, weak fight-through's on screens, jogging (borderline walking) up court after made baskets would all come back to slap these Trail Blazers in the back of the head like alcohol after a haircut.

What’s even more frustrating are the poor defensive plays on the Trail Blazers’ end, overshadowing the amazing offensive firepower coming from CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard. From the jump, McCollum was on fire. He was shooting all over the place, lights out. But every time he made a shot, a rain of buckets from Golden State would literally spoil McCollum’s contributes. There was one play with McCollum giving Draymond Green the business, crossing him up several times before hitting a contested three pointer right in his face. Right after that play Al- Farouq Aminu is seen on instant replay losing sight of Green, chasing him down court in having to watch Green's backside go up for a dunk to keep Golden State in the game.

Oh yeah, again -- Kevin Durant is not even playing! Kevin Durant is stated to be coming back game 6 or 7 from his strained calf injury and that is not a good sign for the trail Blazers. Once he comes back -- that is all she wrote for these Trail Blazers. Bye, Bye Portland, maybe next year.