Why Odell Beckham Jr. deserved what he got!

Odell Beckham Jr. has earned every penny in his new contract extension with the New York Giants. Beckham is now the highest paid NFL wide receiver in receiving a 5 year, 95 million contract extension with 65 million guaranteed.

Beckham is "must-see-TV" when he is on the field. From his speed on the field to the routes he runs to his touchdown celebrations, Odell Beckham Jr. has this type of charisma and skill that has made him arguably a top 5 receiver in the NFL (this was before he was injured, of course).

The man can literally do it all, and with many of Odell's plays about to be recounted, they will all show you why the Giants felt just fine in giving Beckham Jr. all that money.

Remember when he made that one-handed catch in almost going out of bounds against the Cowboys on pass interference call? The catch was so ridiculous that it became Beckham's trademark filed by Nike. He caught the ball with just three fingers -- all while remaining inbound's toward the sideline.

Once Beckham has the ball in his hands, he's looking to find the end zone at instinct. He is not afraid to take a hit when taking off like a running back once he has that ball in his hands, looking to make big plays. Once Beckham generates speed, he's so creative in making plays for himself, forcing defenders to miss when they try and bring him down.

On another note, lets not forget about Beckham's tendency to jump his own routes when ball's are poorly thrown his way. It's so amazing to see any receiver do this, but Beckham is constantly known for this. It's like watching someone take candy from a baby every time he does this.

Even though Odell Beckham Jr. is not a big receiver (like Julio Jones or Calvin Benjamin), the man is still a monster in the red-zone and end-zone. In Beckham's 45 career games played, he has been able to score 38 touchdowns. If you ask anybody who knows their Football, that's pretty damn good. Beckham has actually amounted, or has came close, to some of the NFL's greatest receivers in touchdowns scored during their 45 game span. Randy Moss and Jerry Rice are among those receivers.

There are many more documented plays I can recount, but seriously, these plays are the plays that have gotten Beckham to wear he is now: NFL's highest paid wide-receiver.

His contract was certainly well deserved and will only push him to play even better. He's got his money and now has something to prove as to why he's NFL's highest paid receiver. There will be doubters, of course, but Beckham is ready to show the world what he is made of.