Queens of Combat In Your Palace Results

By davidfunk74
Dec. 13, 2018

The Queens of Combat In Your Palace show took place the day after WrestleCade Fanfest and Supershow in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a day in which the QOC title was on the line as champion Su Yung defended the belt against Diamante in an outstanding main event.

I bought a front row seat for this show, and sat with my friends that were also that close to the action. It was my first time on the front row for a show in a good while. Anyway, let's get right to it...

Here are the results of the show:

-Madi Maxx defeated Harlow O'Hara

The massive amount of heat Madi got before the match started was mainly caused by my friends in the front row. They were THAT loud and booed her every time she attempted to talk. One time, Madi told a fan, "I hate you more!" after she heard someone say they hated her in the crowd. O'Hara soon came out and hit Madi with a vicious backhand slap as the match started. The two went back and forth from there until Madi won the match with an inverted neckbreaker-type move for the win. O'Hara is very tough and showed it here. Madi continually improves and she's hilarious as a heel.

Fatal Fourway

-Savannah Evans defeated Hyan Olvera, Aja Perera, & Zeda Zhang

This was a hard-hitting bout with action all over the place. It was also a match that allowed each participant the chance to show their abilities to the onlooking crowd. And they didn't disappoint. There was one spot early on when Hyan hit a dive onto the other three stars on the outside of the ring. Aja hit a head-scissor facebuster on Savannah and Zhang hit a brainbuster on Aja as the pace continued to pick up quickly. In the end, Savannah I think hit a fishermen suplex for the win. Impressive showing by all here.

-Clara Sinclare defeated Thunder Kitty

Before the match, the crowd gave Kitty a hard time by calling her grandma and she told them to quit that. That drew some laughs from the crowd. Before the bell rang for the match to start, the two did a ballroom dance and then Sinclare dropped Kitty to the amusement of those in attendance. Later as they got into the match, Kitty had the claw on Sinclare before she got into a relaxed state and broke out of it. As the bout continued, Sinclare inadvertently chokeslammed the referee. A new referee came out and Kitty did finally suffer a chokeslam of her own from Sinclaire that led to the conclusion of the match.

Triple Threat

-Kristan Statlander defeated Kiera Hogan & Rachael Ellering

Because of the mistake in announcement before the previous match, the announcer received an "Are you sure?!" chant when he said this was a triple threat. He took it in stride and laughed at it. This was an excellent match all-around here, and was filled with plenty of stiff shots throughout. Some of the highlights included Statlander hitting an inverted suplex, Hogan's snapmare into a superkick, and Ellering's Cutter on Hogan as well as the superman-type foreman shots she used. But in the end, it was Statlander that hit a scissor's kick on Ellering for the win.

-Penelope Ford defeated Kimber Lee

Before the match even began, a fan by the name of Holly was in the ring with Kimber Lee as she was presented a gift. But Zane Riley came out and promptly interrupted the segment. He took the gift and broke it in front of Holly and Kimber Lee. In retaliation, Holly hilariously hit a low blow kick on Riley that drew a huge pop from the crowd. Holly then chased Zane to the backstage area. Finally, Ford and Kimber Lee went at it, and both were tremendous once again as fans have come to expect from them. Ford hit an impressive handspring into a cutter on Kimber Lee. Later, Kimber Lee countered a move by Ford into a powerbomb that nearly won her the match. In the end, Ford was able to win with a rollup, and assist from the ropes, on Kimber Lee. Funny opening portion and entertaining showing by the two here.

QOC Tag Team Championship

-Thick & Juicy(Faye Jackson & Willow Nightingale) (c)defeated Samantha Heights/Brittany Blake & The Sea Stars

A hilarious chant was heard before this match with some fans saying, "Take my tax money!" These three teams put on a clinic here. Quite possibly the spot of the card took place when Heights was power-bombed onto the rest of the competitors on the outside of the ring. It was a dangerous spot, but it looked impressive in person, especially to us in the front row. In the end, Nightingale hit a moonsault for the win for her team as the champions retained their titles. This was a fun bout with each getting plenty of time to shine here.

QOC Championship

-Diamante defeated Su Yung(c)

Toughness isn't near enough to describe these two as they both hit each other with some of the most viscous shots you'll see. At one point early on, the challenger hit a running dropkick on Su into the railing on the outside of the ring. Later, the champion hit her slingshot, head-scissors into the turnbuckle which has always been a cool move Su uses. After that, they both were on the outside apron and hit double neckbreakers on each other. The climax of the match came when red mist was used before Diamante powerbombed Su from the top rope onto the mat for the win. This main event lived up its billing in everyway, and now Queens of Combat has a new champion. I certainly wouldn't mind another rematch between them, and it'll be great to see who the new champion's challengers will be going forward.


-Before the show, I had parked in the garage for guests that attended WrestleCade weekend. I didn't get a hotel due largely to cutting costs from a trip I took to Detroit/Windsor a couple of days before. As I was looking to get on the elevator, Kiera Hogan was about to do the same. She had her luggage with her and I asked if she needed help. She said she was just going to drop off her luggage and that she was on the card for QOC after I asked her. I just had to be sure since she had her luggage with her. LOL. This is a prime example of how it is during WrestleCade weekend. When you're walking around the venue, hotels, and/or parking garage, at some point you will cross paths with a star or two. So for those that have never been to WrestleCade, let this paragraph show you that you never know who it is you'll see during the weekend there. Oh, and for the record, Kiera is super cool(and fire of course).

-The first star I met before the show was Kimber Lee. It had been sometime since I've seen her at a show. Of course, I haven't been able to attend as many shows in the last year myself though. She's as tough as it gets in the business and I've seen her hold her own in matches against both women and men. I have met her a few times, and she's always been great to me at events.

-At intermission, I got a few minutes to talk with my friend Savannah Evans. I showed her a pic I took of her during her match. She laughed at it because it was right in front of where my friends and I were sitting in the front row. After that, we caught up on what we had going on in each other's lives since it had been over 9 months since I made a show. Once a fan I used to hang out with at shows, she's now one of the fastest rising female stars in the business.

-Also during intermission, I met Kris Statlander, who is Galaxy's Greatest Alien. Anyway, this was my first time seeing her in a ring and meeting her. About as soon as I was getting a pic with her, they turned out the lights in the venue to resume the show. She told me to turn the flash on on my phone so that we could take the pic, and we got two of them made. She's quite the talent and I'm glad she was an iPhone user like me to get the flash turned on so the pic could happen.

-After the show was over, Penelope Ford was still meeting fans before we were told to exit the venue in preparations for the following AML show. So she told fans that she would take her suitcase and items for sale she had with her to the lobby. She was asked for help, but she took care of it all on her own as she met every single fan waiting on her. I've never met her before, so I was going to do so here no matter what. Since I didn't have change, I was going to get a pic with her, autograph, and shirt. She didn't have the shirt size I needed after looking, but a guy in line offered her change so I opted for the pic and autograph instead. Not a big deal. After my friend Chris Dickinson took the pic of us, I told her both of her matches were awesome during WrestleCade weekend. She said thanks, and that she wasn't sure how she would feel after her bout with Taya Valkyrie the night before at the Supershow since that was a brutal, No DQ match. Nonetheless, her and Kimber Lee delivered as I've come to expect from both, too. So she packed everything up, unpacked again, and met every waiting fan before leaving in the lobby. That should say enough about how she is with fans. And, she's a heck of a talent to boot, too.

The next Queens of Combat show is on January 19 from Cabbarus Arena in Concord, NC. This is according to the QOC Twitter page. It's also been said that the new Queens of Combat champ will make her first title defense on the show.

This will most likely be my last entry on the site as I transition to a new website sometime after the first of the year. When I do, I'm going to separate the review portion and notes from each show. This was a suggestion that I'm going to try going forward to protect the business. We'll see how it works out as I understand protecting the business and also giving you my takes on meeting the talent away from the ring.

If any info I posted here is incorrect, do let me know. This entry was posted later than I intended, so it's not out of the realm that some info maybe off.

Thanks to the entire Queens of Combat staff and talent in putting on another amazing show and the hard work to entertain the fans. The amount of talent in women's wrestling has never been higher, and I have zero doubt QOC will continue its surging, upward trend as a promotion that delivers for fans.