2nd Annual Showcase of Champions Results

By davidfunk74
Nov. 30, 2016

The 2nd Annual Showcase of Champions kicked off the final WrestleCade weekend on Friday night at the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC.  It was the first of three major wrestling shows on the weekend.  Showcase of Champions is an event for multiple independent promotions to take part in from all over the nation.  The show was highlighted by former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes challenging Sonjay Dutt for the GWF Nex*Gen championship.

Here are the results and some match detail from the show:

-AML Prestige Championship

Jordan Kage(c) defeats Bu Ku Dao to retain the AML Prestige title

I've seen Kage a few times at AML shows, and was there when he won the AML Prestige title that was coincidentally enough vacated by Cedric Alexander.  It was a my first time seeing Bu Ku Dao, and he had the crowd on his side for this one.  However, Kage was able to retain his title by hitting his 8x10 finisher on Bu Ku Dao for the win in the opening match.

-Paragon Pro Wrestling Championship

Alex Chamberlain(c) defeated Adrian Matthews to retain the Paragon Pro Wrestling title

This was the first time I've seen either of them in a match.  Chamberlain was dominant, and was in control of nearly the entire match.  At one point, it looked as if the referee was going to stop the bout as Matthews was struggling to continue.  Matthews did make a comeback late in the match, but that was put to a halt as Chamberlain retained his title.  Chamberlain was booked very strong as Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion here.

-WildKat Revolution Championship

Danny Flamingo defeated J Spade and CW Anderson

Yep, the legendary ECW original CW Anderson was in this match.  I've never seen Flamingo before, but he left little doubt who the heel was in this match.  It was also the first time I've seen Spade in action, and I was impressed with his overall in-ring quickness and height he gets on his dropkicks.  The end of the match came when Anderson hit a spinebuster on Spade, and Flamingo intervened to throw the ECW original out of the way to make the pin and retain the Wildkat Revolution Championship.  Anderson and Spade shook hands, and received a standing ovation from the crowd after the conclusion of the match.

-Triple Threat Match for AML Tag Team Championship

Geordie Bulldogs(c) defeated Abel Jackson & Ryan Davidson and Matt Lancie & Socorro

The Geordie Bulldogs are the only team I had seen of the three before this match.  The Bulldogs are quite possibly the most interactive tag team on the Indy scene with how they engage with fans during matches.  I don't remember everything he did or said, but Sean Denny of the Bulldogs was hilarious in this match.  I know one time, he was looking for a tag rope, and was holding on to this thin string from the turnbuckle making jokes about that.  Jackson and Davidson as well as Lancie and Socorro did get their amount of offense in during the entertaining match.  In the end, the AML Tag Team Champions retained their belts by hitting their tag team finisher for the win.

-MCW Rage vs MCW Championship Match

Drolix(Black Wall Street) defeated Ken Dixon to win the MCW Rage title

I've attended one MCW show back in 2015, and have seen these two before.  However, it was under completely different circumstances.  This time, it was title vs title as MCW Rage Champion was against the MCW Champion.  This was a physical and stiff-working match that these two put on.  I don't remember exactly how the finish went, but I do know for certainty that Black Wall Street holds both the MCW Championship and Rage title for Maryland Championship Wrestling after winning her.  MCW is rock solid promotion that brings in great special guests and shows.  Check them out if you're in or around the Baltimore area when they have a show.

-Triple Threat Lumberjack Match for AML Championship

"King" Shane Williams w/Queen Taylor defeated Zane Dawson and Damien Wayne

I've seen all three of these guys plenty of times, and you know it's not gonna take long for chaos to break loose when they're involved.  But in a Lumberjack Match?  Magnify that by A LOT.  Heels and faces divided the outside of the ring, and they teased a big brawl a couple of times -- especially when Shane was thrown out on the heel side.  After seeing enough antics from the heels beating on Shane for the third time in the bout, the faces took matters into their own hands and a big brawl among them took place on the outside of the ring.  As the two sides were going at it, Shane made his way to the top rope and leaped onto the those involved in the brawl -- knocking the majority of the talent down in the process.  This was one of the top spots of the night that brought the crowd to its feet.  After the back and forth match, "King" Shane was able to hit his piledriver finisher on Wayne to keep the AML title around his waste.  A very solid showing by all three as I've come to expect from them.

-ROW(Reality of Wrestling) Championship

E Snow defeated Gino to retain the ROW title

I've never seen these two before until this match.  I think because of the previous match, the crowd wasn't as into this bout as they should've been.  It's been a few days since this event, and my memory has lapsed as to some of the details of the action here.  However, I do recall that both are athletic and quick in the ring, and that E Snow was able to retain his title in this match.

-Modern Vintage Wrestling Championship

"The Gift" Jason Kincaid w/Gimmick Tree Promotions defeated Pentagon Jr to retain the Modern Vintage Wrestling title

What a match this turned out to be.  Kincaid is a gift indeed to watch, and his move set is unlike any you've ever seen in Indy wrestling.  I've only seen a little of Pentagon Jr on Lucha Underground.  They fought on the outside of the ring a few times, and Pentagon sure did make use of the chairs in this bout.  At one point as Pentagon was in control and looked to get the win, Raphael King and Devyn Nicole interfered on behalf of Kincaid to attack the Lucha Underground star.  Pentagon recovered, but couldn't win the title as Kincaid hit a sensational coast to coast flip off the top rope to the other side of the ring onto a chair before getting the pin.  After the match, Pentagon attacked Kincaid and severely injured his arm.  King and Devyn had returned to the ring at this point as Gimmick Tree turned on the MVW champ.  That's when Kevin Kross came out to cash in his briefcase on Kincaid leading to.....

-Kevin Kross defeated Jason "The Gift" Kincaid to win the MVW title

Earlier in the night, Kross cut a promo with his briefcase in hand about cashing in.  As it turned out, he did so on Kincaid.  Kross constantly warned Kincaid about staying down in the match, but the champion decided to fight despite being dismantled with an injured arm earlier.  Kincaid made a brief comeback in an attempt to keep his title, but Kross was too much as he forced him to tap out to a unique-looking submission move I haven't seen yet.  Kross became the new MVW champion in what was a well-booked segment with a great turn and in-ring work.

-GWF Nex*Gen Championship

Cody Rhodes defeated Sonjay Dutt(c) to win the GWF Nex*Gen title

As one can expect from these two, the main event of the show delivered.  Most of the crowd was for Cody in this one, and both guys got their time to shine.  A couple of times, the fight went into the crowd of people.  Also, they hit their finishers on each other in the match, but both kicked out of them as they were completely shocked when that happened.  The two exchanged counter moves throughout as well, but it was Cody Rhodes that hit his Cross Rhodes finisher for the second time in the bout that enabled him to pick up the win and became the new GWF Nex*Gen Champion.  After the bout, Cody grabbed the mic and mentioned defending his new title in Canada the following day.  He also mentioned a quote about his dad saying, "The title doesn't make the person.  The person makes the title."  He then thanked fans for coming out to the show.


-Cody Rhodes had a Meet & Greet before the show as fans got the opportunity to get pics with him in the ring and autographs as well.  I couldn't make it to this as I arrived just before the wrestling show began.  But let me say, the friends I know spoke very highly of Cody and said he was one of the genuinely nicest guys they've ever met.  I'll get my chance when he makes his AML debut on January 28 in the rematch with Dutt.

-Pentagon Jr also had a Meet & Greet before the show.  The few I talked to were ecstatic about getting to meet him, and spoke highly of the experience, too.  I'm hoping I get to meet him as well at another show.

The 2nd Annual Showcase of Champions started the outstanding WrestleCade weekend off very well.  It's a different concept that I like for the mere fact it does showcase talent from promotions across the nation.  They all did well for themselves.  I liked the AML title bout, MVW title segment, and main event the most although all talent worked really hard to put on a great show.

Thanks to the entire staff and talent for starting the final WrestleCade weekend off with a very good show.

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