AML 2nd Anniversary Show Results

By davidfunk74
Feb. 03, 2017

AML(America's Most Liked) Wrestling returned to Winston-Salem this past Saturday night for their 2nd Anniversary show.  The show was highlighted by Cody Rhodes defending his GWF NEX*GEN title in a rematch against former champion Sonjay Dutt.  Also, Teddy Long was special guest commissioner and he made a 6-man tag team match with AML Champion "King" Shane Williams w/Queen Taylor and the AML Tag Team champs, the Geordie Bulldogs, against the Expendables consisting of Zane Dawson and the Heatseekers w/George South.  The Prestige Championship was also on the line, and special guests Tony Atlas and New Jack were also in attendance.  It was quite a memorable show and return for AML.

Here are the results of the show:

Pre-show results:

-Movie Myk, The Mac, Cam Carter, and Kenny Lawson defeated James Blade, James Ryan, Xsiris, Deandre Jackson

This was a fun 8-man tag team match before the live show began.  I've seen most of these guys at one time.  You'll hear more from them at future shows.  Cam Carter, who is very athletic and quick in the ring after seeing him a few times in matches, picked up the pinfall and win for his team.

Live show results:

-Teddy Long addresses the crowd

That's right.  The former WWE Smackdown! GM was in attendance and he came out as the commissioner to start this show.  He announced the six-man tag team match for later in the evening.  As he was about to leave the ring, the Expendables came out to protest his decision on the added stipulation:  if either the AML champion or tag team champions get pinned by another, that person gets an automatic title shot.  The Expendables took exception to this saying they deserved title shots anyway.  Long then said his decision was final.  During that segment, I think he said the word "playa" about 20 times or so.  Nonetheless, the promo to start the show served its purpose in laying out the groundwork for the six-man tag team match later in the evening.  Long, as always, was stellar on the mic and the crowd liked what he brought to the table for the show.  You could tell even with this segment that the crowd was going to be very lively all night.

-White Mike w/The Tommy Thomas defeated Darius Lockhart

This was a fun match to kick off the live show.  Before the match got started, White Mike interrupted The Tommy Thomas on the mic and put him in a better mood.  It was hilarious seeing Tommy dancing before the bout as Mike told him he was killing the beat.  Anyway, it's too funny to hear Mike take a chop from anyone.  If you've ever been to a show and seen him in a match, that scream is just too much and gets me every single time.  He took a few of those from Darius here.  Darius Lockhart is an impressive athlete, and he showed his more comical side in this bout.  The end of the match came when Mike hit Lockhart with spinning DDT finisher for the win.  After the match, both competitors shook hands and celebrated in the ring as Tommy was clearly in a more joyful mood than he was when he came out before the bout started.

-The Dixon Line defeated Da Powah

Early on in this match, it looked as if Da Powah was going to pull out the win.  At one point, the trio hit a triple suplex on The Dixon Line that the crowd liked.  Also, Rob Locke of the Dixon Line took some vicious chops in this bout and you could see the damage done to his chest from it.  I've seen the Dixon Line once in MCW and a few times in AML.  They are a classic heel faction.  Ian Maxwell is a solid athlete with great agility for Da Powah.  Big Time Ya has come a long way, and Montana Black got to show enough glimpses of what kind of dominant big man he can be in the ring.  But in the end, it was Locke that hit a running knee on Black to pick up the win for his team.

Prestige Championship

-Axton Ray defeated Jordan Kage(c) to win the Prestige Championship

Kage is a heel and obviously isn't well liked.  That's how it's supposed to be.  He's got a cool finishing move called the 8x10.  Ray is a young, impressive athlete that moves around the ring with ease as well as anyone.  At one point, a bear hug was countered by Ray into a DDT that looked cool in person.  One of the big highlights of the bout was when Ray attempted to hit a moonsault off the ropes onto the outside of the ring on Kage.  He missed and hit his leg on the steel barricade that looked like it legitimately hurt him.  Kage took advantage of this and control of the bout from here.  However, Ray rebounded and hit his finisher on Kage.  Referee Jeff Bunton counted to three after Ray hit the finisher despite the fact he didn't see Kage's leg on the rope that should've broke up the count.  Nonetheless, Ray was declared the winner and new AML Prestige Champion.  Congrats to Axton Ray.  We'll definitely hear more about this later.

-Caleb Konley defeated Billy Brash

As you can see on the poster, it was supposed to be Andrew Everett facing Caleb Konley.  However, Everett was legit injured before this show, and it was Billy Brash that was named as his replacement.  Brash is hilarious as a heel.  He told a group of us to shut up, and that he was trying to get his bearings straight after he took some punishment from Konley.  Another time, he told a few of us to come up with something new after we chanted "Weak!" like he used to hear in PWX.  Also earlier in the bout, Konley used a series of pinfall predicaments(at least a dozen in a row or more) on Brash, but it didn't lead to win.  Later in the bout, Brash hit a slingshot into a cutter on Konley from the outside of the ring to the inside.  Konley was able to recover from this, and hit his moonsault finisher from the top rope onto Brash for the win.  After the bout, a few fans in front of me cheered.  Brash told them to take their applause and do something with it.  A very solid match these two had here.

-C.W. Anderson defeated Damien Wayne

These are two brawlers, and also a couple of the toughest guys you'll see in the business.  So you know this one was going to be hard-hitting between these two.  The bout looked like it could've gone either way.  It appeared Anderson was going to win the bout at one point when he hit his spine buster on Wayne.  Later as Wayne had control of the bout when the referee was knocked down, out came ECW legend New Jack.  He attacked Wayne with a trash can lid and busted him open in the head.  He also took a golf club and used it on Wayne as he hit him low with a trash can lid placed on him.  Wayne took a lot of weapons and shots from New Jack before Anderson hit a super kick to get the win.  After the bout, Anderson and New Jack celebrated in the ring.  The end of the match went over very well with the crowd in attendance.

-The Expendables(Zane Dawson & The Heatseekers w/ George South defeated King Shane Williams w/Queen Taylor & The Geordie Bulldogs

If you've followed AML in recent months, you could just about see what kind of match this would be.  It was chaotic, fun, and seen the involvement of both managers.  Definitely the highlight of this bout was when Sean Denny of the Geordie Bulldogs super-plexed Sigmon of the Heatseekers to the outside of the ring onto the rest of the competitors.  That spot went over huge for the fans in attendance, but it also kept the Bulldogs from doing much else due to the damage it caused.  At the end of the bout, George South got involved and prevented King Shane from jumping off the top rope.  This brought Taylor into the ring as South took a kick to the gut and a stunner from the Queen.  Shane then attempted to come off the top rope -- only to be hit with a vicious clothesline by Dawson.  Dawson was able to get the win with that move.  As a result of this finish due to him pinning the AML Champion per match stipulation enforced by Teddy Long, Dawson earned himself a title shot at the next show in February.  After the match, Dawson got on the mic and said he wasn't gonna be held back this time from taking the title.  He also gave us a history of who he's beaten in the promotion and said he was looking forward to taking the title from Shane at the next show.  So it'll be Dawson challenging Shane for the AML title next month.  This was a solid six-man tag team match here.

GWF NEX*GEN Championship

-Cody Rhodes(c) defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the title

I seen the match-up between these two at Showcase of Champions.  It stole the show, so I had high expectations for the return match.  To say Cody was really over with the crowd is a vast understatement on that night.  Sonjay struck first on Cody when he attacked him before he could take his jacket off.  He used his Bullet Club shirt to choke him a couple of times as well.  It was Sonjay that hit Cody with a dive onto to the champion on the outside of the ring as well early in the match.  Cody did eventually take control of the bout and appeared to have it won until referee Jeff Bunton was knocked down yet again.  This brought out Zane Dawson as he attacked the champion and left him laying.  Sonjay looked to have regained the title until Cody surprisingly kicked out.  This brought King Shane out to even the odds and to go after Dawson.  Shane knocked Dawson out of the ring and the two brawled away from the ring.  The ref recovered and so did Cody as he hit his Cross Rhodes finisher on Sonjay to retain the title.  The bout wasn't as long as the first one at Showcase of Champions, but the two delivered another excellent match again.  After the match, Shane and Cody were in the ring as Cody addressed the crowd.  He thanked us and put over AML and Winston-Salem.  He also talked about being born at Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte.  Further, he said he wanted to bring some friends with him the next time he returns.


-I had a Meet & Greet ticket to meet Cody Rhodes before the show.  Obviously, this drew really well as fans that purchased a ticket were able to step into the ring to get a pic and autograph from him.  I was one of the first ten or so to meet him.  When I first stepped up to meet him, I told him I missed doing so at the Showcase of Champions show because I couldn't get there on time.  He said he was glad it happened this time.  I did tell him his match at SOC against Sonjay Dutt stole the show and it was the night he won the title.  After that, he told me to step behind his table so we could get a pic.  My buddy Robert Holt took a pic of us with his camera and also with my phone.  He thanked me for the support and to enjoy the show.  We both told each other it was nice to meet you.  Cody is pure class and I've never heard anyone say anything negative about him.

-Also before the show, I got to meet former WWE Smackdown GM! and legend Teddy Long.  He had a good line for fans to meet him there.  After he signed a pic that AML provided for fans, he stepped out from his table to get a pic with me.  The guy that took the pic asked if the pic came out good on my phone because he said there was a glare in it.  Teddy and I looked at it.  Teddy said, "You know what?  That glare is for wisdom.  You feel me, playa?"  I said, "Holla!"  Oh man, that was awesome.  It doesn't take long to see this guy loves what he does and is great to his fans.

-I got a couple of minutes to chat with my buddies The Geordie Bulldogs during intermission and get a pic with them...finally.  I thanked Mark for the support of this site.  We also chatted briefly about their match that night as well as their busy schedule.  Mark said they were as busy as they've ever been and are booked every weekend for awhile to come.  I've been wanting to get a pic with them for awhile, and finally did at this show as they more than agreed to do that.  Sean used his hand gesture and Mark had a thumbs up.  I had the same going on as Sean in the pic.  I appreciate them and they appreciate me.  Two cool guys and talents.

-I ran into my friend and former wrestler Chris Lea at this show.  He was working that night, but the show was taking place close by where he was.  We talked briefly about some of the things each of us have going on.  He said his wife Karissa was expecting in April.  It's always good to run into this guy because he makes sure he greets me when he sees me at shows.

-After the show, The Tommy Thomas was talking with my good friend Lora Lyons and I about the show and also him being in PWI magazine.  They both took a selfie pic on Lora's phone and Tommy told me to stay out of the pic.  He did take the time to congratulate me on History Magazine article.  I gave him a little hell about him not demanding me to write something good about him, which he does every time he sees me.  He reply, "I'm just happy now."  That got a laugh out of me.  I gotta say he's a big supporter of me and the site as well though.  He's been named manager of the year two years running for a reason.  The guy is excellent at what he does.

-Tracy Myers also spent a few minutes talking to Lora and myself before the show.  He talked about how they were able to keep WrestleCade going for another year.  He also talked a great deal about Cody Rhodes and how much of a class act he really is.  He gave us some more insight on things that many fans aren't aware of.  It was just nice once again that he took that kind of time to do that for us knowing his schedule is as hectic as anyone you'll ever see.

-I caught up with my friend Deanna Phillips after the show.  I told her I didn't see her all night.  She said, "Well, did you see me trip tonight?!"  I said, "No.  But that will be going in my review."  See, there you go.  Yes, she did really trip, folks.  LOL.

The 2nd anniversary show didn't disappoint and was a great night of action with a very lively crowd in Winston-Salem.  Thanks to the entire staff and talent for the work they put into this show to make it a success and fun night for us fans.  It was good seeing many friends there and also hanging out and talking wrestling most of the night with my buddy Chris Dickinson.

The next AML show will be back in Winston-Salem at the same venue on February 25 as they present All For The Glory.  PJ Black, formerly known as Justin Gabriel in WWE, will be in attendance.  He'll also host an advanced seminar the following day for anyone interested in attending.

Be sure to check out my friend Robert Holt and his Fisticuffs Photography page for photos and highlights from this show.  The guy is fantastic in taking shots on the Indy wrestling scene.

Also, tune into the best Indy wrestling podcast around as my friends Lora Lyons and Robert Delph host Live From The Armory! on Wednesday nights.  They'll have guests every week and talk about the latest happenings on the Indy scene -- including AML.

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