AML All For The Glory Results

By davidfunk74
Mar. 02, 2017

AML(America's Most Liked) wrestling returned this past Saturday for the All For The Glory show at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC.  The AML Championship was defended as a new champion was crowned.  Also, both the Prestige and Tag Team titles were on the line while PJ Black and Caleb Konley put on a clinic in a terrific bout at the show.

For me, it was a personally trying day, but AML sure did pick up my mood in every way imaginable.  More on that later.

Anyway, onto the results of the show:

Future Stars results

-Cameron Carter defeated Dante Caballero

I've liked Cam Carter ever since I seen him for the first time in AML.  He's a heck of an athlete that transitions so well from move to move.  Caballero was very much a heel here and gave the ref grief for not counting to three a few times in the bout.  The end of the match came when Carter hit a frog splash on Caballero for the win.

8-man tag team match

-Movie Myke, The Mac, KL3, & Daniel Stryder defeated Mercenary Dre, DeAndre Jackson, James Blade, & AC Hawkes

I've seen most of these guys perform here or elsewhere in NC.  It was a little chaotic in trying to keep with it, but there was a little time given for them to show their talents.  The end of the match came when Movie Myke hit a clothesline on Mercenary J for win for his team.

All For The Glory results:

-Darius Lockhart defeated Brandon Scott

At the start of the show, Brandon Scott was interviewed and he angrily said he blames his recent string of losses on the Prestige Champion Axton Ray.  Lockhart was jumped at the start of the bout by Scott when he was about to tell the crowd to "Be A Revolutionary".  Lockhart did eventually take control and hit a dive on Scott later in the match.  The end of the match came when Lockhart hit an inverted suplex-type finisher for the win.

Heatseekers w/George South defeated The Gymnasty Boys w/The Tommy Thomas

This match was just too much fun.  I could hear a lot of what White Mike was saying on the apron and Tommy comically apologizing for it.  White Mike frantically lost his headband at one point, and Tommy told him he would just get him a new one.  Another time, Mike talked about an after party and Tommy wanted none of that.  Later in the match, one of the Heatseekers knocked Timmy Lou down from the apron as he went flying off of it.  You could see Tommy trying to revive him with root beer.  He would do the same thing for White Mike later in the match.  After White Mike was revived, he was tagged in and told Timmy to move Elliott Russell further away from his corner so he could dive off of the top rope.  In a hilarious spot, White Mike flopped off the ropes.  Later, Russell pinned Timmy after the use of brass knucks to get the win for the Heatseekers.  The Heatseekers are a very top notch team.  But the Gymnasty Boys really were so entertaining in this bout.  Props to both here.

Prestige Championship

-Axton Ray(c) defeated Jordan Kage to retain the title

Kage got his rematch for the title at this show.  Ray hit a dive on the outside of the ring early in the bout before Kage took over.  They fought to the outside where Kage threw Ray into the guardrail near where I was.  Later, Kage pulled off his tights to reveal pink ones underneath.  That led to a "Let's go Pinky!" chant from the crowd.  The match appeared to end a few times.  But each time, it was saved by one of them placing their feet on the ropes to break up the count.  Kage tried to hit his 8x10 finisher on Ray twice, but it was countered each time.  Finally, Ray reached the top rope and hit a frog splash on Kage to win the match and retain the title.  After the match was over, Brandon Scott came out to attack Ray before officials came from the back to stop him.  Ray is so young, but already so good in the ring.  Solid match here.

-CW Anderson defeated Damien Wayne

This was another return bout from last month's show.  And it was another very physical match with a lot of heavy hitting in it.  The two brawled on the outside of the ring almost after the bell rung, and were hitting each other some of the stiffest chops and punches you'll see at a show.  Later in the match, Wayne hit a leg drop off the top rope onto Anderson as he laid prone on the ropes.  He missed a corkscrew elbow drop, but hit it later.  Near the end of the match, referee Jeff Bunton was inadvertently knocked down out of the ring as Wayne seemingly had it won.  Wayne dragged the ref back into the ring, but Anderson kicked out before the three count of Bunton.  The match continued and Anderson hit his spinebuster on Wayne, but couldn't get the three count.  Anderson later hit a superkick on Wayne as a somewhat recovered Bunton counted three.  After the match, Wayne was stunned at what had just happened.  However, he proceeded to attack Bunton and hit an elbow drop off the top rope onto him.  A few guys like Movie Myke and The Mac came out to stop the attack, but Wayne beat them down as well.  He then beat up AML Head of Security Bobby Lucas.  AML owner Tracy Myers intervened and tried to talk some sense into Wayne.  However, he was also attacked and body slammed by Wayne.  Finally, Anderson came back out and attacked Wayne while chasing him away from the ring.  On AML Facebook page later on, it was announced that Wayne was suspended for his actions.

AML Tag Team Championship

-Geordie Bulldogs defeated The Dixon Line(Ken Dixon & Joe Keys) W/Rob Locke

Before the match got started, a noticed a sign that said "Poison Mist Protection Available" by a friend of mine named Dennis.  During the match, the Geordie Bulldogs took both members of The Dixon Line to "Snap Mare City" with a series of snap mare takeovers.  The Dixon Line took over and worked on Sean Denny for a good while until Mark was finally tagged in.  The Dixon Line had a plan to counter the blue mist that Sean Denny uses during his matches with red mist of their own.  But Locke accidentally used that red mist on Dixon and blinded him.  Then Sean used his blue mist on Locke to blind him.  All this while Keys knocked down in the ring.  A blinded Ken Dixon then knocked down Joe Keys and pinned him in a very comedic spot.  The Bulldogs let this go on as The Dixon Line were celebrating as if they actually won the AML Tag Team titles.  Their music even played as if they won.  Having seen enough of this, the Geordie Bulldogs went on to retain the titles when Sean hit a cutter on Keys for the win.  After the bout, the AML Tag Team champs circled the ring to shake hands with fans.  This was a very entertaining bout with a comedic moment towards the conclusion that went over well with the crowd.

-Caleb Konley defeated PJ Black

This was the match I was looking forward to because I knew it would deliver as the match of the night.  It sure did live up to it.  Early in the match, Black countered a DDT by Konley with a suplex.  Later, Black had Konley in a Boston Crab that elevated him off the ground.  As he had Konley in the hold, Black rocked him back and forth into the turnbuckle that got a laugh out of those in attendance.  Konley did recover, and hit two suicide dives onto Black on the outside of the ring as the match was becoming more fast-paced between them.  Black later countered a hurricanrana off the top rope by Konley into a sunset flip that looked cool live.  Konley hit his moonsault off the top rope that has beaten a lot of people, but Black kicked out of it.  However, Konley hit a michinuku-type driver on Black to get the win.  After the match, Black got on the mic and told the story of his first match on the Indy scene after leaving WWE was against Konley.  Now the two have a win a piece against each other, and they both wanted a third bout.  A lot of respect shown between the two.  This match was technically sound with enough high-flying spots and fast-paced action mixed in.  It was a great bout between two great talents.

AML Championship

-Zane Dawson w/George South defeated King Shane Williams(c) w/Queen Taylor to win the title

It was a tough act to follow after seeing what Konley and Black did before this bout, but the main event did very much deliver for me.  Early in the bout, Dawson took advantage of brass knuckles that South had on him and used them repeatedly to the ribs of Shane.  But the match still was back and forth as Shane hit a series of standing neck breakers on the challenger as well.  Senior referee James Hunter later kicked George South out of the ringside area for his continued involvement in the match.  After this happened, Taylor distracted the ref so that Shane could pull off a turnbuckle that exposed steel underneath it.  It was later used when Shane hit a hurricanrana on Dawson into that corner.  Dawson hit two sidewalk slams on Shane, but the champion kicked out of them.  But the champion could not kick out of a devastating clothesline by Dawson as a new AML Champion was crowned.  The Heatseekers along with South came back out to celebrate as Taylor tended to Shane.  South grabbed Taylor and put claw on her head as the Heatseekers and Dawson beat down Shane.  Ian Maxwell and Big Time Ya of Da Powah came out to intervene and help Shane.  But they were over-matched.  This led to Caprice Coleman making a surprise return to AML to clear the ring of the Expendables to end the show.  Shane, Taylor, Da Powah, and Caprice then shook hands with fans, including myself, after the show was over.  It was a very solid main event with a new champion crowned and a superb and surprising finish to the show with Caprice returning to AML.


-Before the show, there was a 10 Bell Salute for George "The Animal" Steele, Nicole Bass, 'Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff, Chavo Guerrero, and AML wrestling fan Michael Kirkham.  It's been a very tough start to the year for wrestling fans that remember these guys while reminiscing about their childhoods.  That said, I liked that AML brought all talent to the ring before the show to pay tribute to those that legends that passed as well as for Kirkham.

-After intermission, there was a birthday celebration for AML fans Justin Nelson and Leslie Michael as well as Zane Riley.  Leslie couldn't be at the show due to an illness, but her daughter Kelli said she was recovering fine.  They appreciated the work of Riley, who does a tremendous amount of work for AML behind the scenes.  Finally, the crowd started a "Justin Nelson!" chant that brought a huge smile to his face.  This was a very nice gesture by AML to do this during the show.

-I got to meet PJ Black before the show in the ring as well as after it when they were in the process of tearing down the ring.  The first time I met up with him before the show, we discussed his first match in PWX nearly two years before.  He said he just watched that bout the other day.  After the show, we talked about how great his match was with Konley.  He put over Konley very well, and said he was looking forward to meeting him again in the ring.  He also said he planned on returning to AML soon.  I told him I'd like to see him versus Konley for a third time in AML.  Overall, he was a very nice guy and engaging with fans.  I know my friend Kelli Michael was going absolutely nuts over him all night.  LOL.

-Before the show, I also got a chance to talk to Tracy Myers.  We talked about a variety of things to do with AML.  The biggest thing was the warehouse he just purchased in Winston-Salem.  He talked about some of the ideas he had for the warehouse and that the deal for it was finalized.  He even showed me photos on his phone from warehouse that he took.  Needless to say, he's excited about it and looks to be very much a game-changer for him as well as AML.

-As I was talking to my friend Robert Holt and listening to his conversation he was having with Brandon Scott, I got a few minutes to talk to The Tommy Thomas.  Of course, he was telling me to write something good about him -- although it was in a demanding tone like I'm used to.  He told me tell everyone that White Mike is the best talent that no one knows about.  He also told me that Timmy Lou is the best unsigned talent on the Indy Scene as well.  He also said I write good articles, too.  Anyway, the best manager in the business is right though.  White Mike and Timmy Lou are awesome live in person.  I've even heard a couple of fans say that White Mike was their favorite performer they've seen live.  Timmy Lou is such an agile man in the ring, and he can certainly go with anyone out there.  There may not be anyone that goes out their way to put over talent as well as fans like Tommy does.  We appreciate what you do, Tommy.

What a day it was for me.  I had to attend a funeral for my long-time friend and former neighbor Mike Bender earlier in the day.  It was a beautiful service, but it was very sad as well.  I was hoping AML would pick me from a sad day, and they did accomplish this.

I was waiting in line to enter the venue as they let all those with meet & greet tickets for PJ Black in first.  This put me at the front of the line for the VIP ticket holders.  As I was waiting, my friend and AML security Jarvis Blanding waved me in and said that Bobby Lucas wanted to see me.  Bobby was at ringside handling the meet & greet for PJ Black.  I told him Jarvis said you wanted me.  Then he said, "We appreciate what you do for the business and for AML.  You can meet PJ Black."  I'm not gonna lie, after an emotional funeral I attended just a few hours before, this picked me up right then and there.  I held back tears.  From there, I got to chat with many friends, including fans as well as those that worked for AML.

So for that, I want to thank the entire AML staff for the hard work they continue to put into on these shows as well as going out of their way for fans.  I want thank my friends for making it better for me as well.  Wrestling events always find a way to make me feel better about things, and they certainly did not disappoint on that night.  It ended the Saturday and week on a very good note.

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This post is also dedicated to my long-time friend Mike Bender.  His funeral was the day of this show, and we used to wrestle in our backyards as kids when we were neighbors.  We'll meet again soon one day and we'll have to do that again like we did as kids.