AML Friends & Foes Results

By davidfunk74
Sep. 28, 2016

AML(America's Most Liked) Wrestling returned this month with the Friends & Foes event at North Davidson High School in Lexington, NC.  It was a night of chaos -- mainly caused by a newly formed faction and "one man riot" -- that this event will largely be remembered for.  The amount of security was nowhere near prepared or strong enough to stop the carnage on this night.  It was also a night where three title matches took place, an extreme rules bout happened, and one legendary valet made an appearance and was involved in a match.  And the 2015 Manager of the Year brought in a new client and made sure he did something to make me write something good about him....again.

Here are the results of the show:

Future Stars of AML results:

-Jonathan Castro w/Jeff Castro defeated ATM(Austin Tyler Morris)

I liked the ATM name and money he had on his attire for this match.  The end of the match came when ATM tried to use a foreign object and got rolled up by Castro for the quick win in the first bout of the night.

-Mercenary J & Ian Maxwell defeated LaBron Kozone & James Blade

James Ryan wasn't with LaBron Kozone as LaBron James, so James Blade was his tag team partner for this match.  The two showed some trouble getting on the same page.  However, they did control a large part of this match.  I've seen Mercenary J. and Ian Maxwell before.  Maxwell hit an impressive hurricanrana after leaping off one leg into that move.  The end came when J. and Maxwell hit simultaneous splashes off the top rope to get the win.  Kozone was none too pleased after the match.

Triple Threat Match

-Montana Black defeated Juggernaut and Tongan Giant Assafi

All three guys in this match were big, so a lot of power moves were attempted in this bout.  Black played a psychopathic character throughout the match, and got the win with a big running boot to the head of Juggernaut for the victory.

Live TV Taping Results:

-Zane Dawson & George South interrupt the start of the show

AML owner Tracy Myers came out to address the crowd and apologize for the actions of Zane Dawson in recent months.  He assured the fans, talent, and Tim Woody Blaze would be protected due to the added security for the show.  He said that George South would indeed be banned from ringside in Dawson's match against C.W. Anderson later in the evening.  Tracy introduced Blaze to the fans, and to kick the show off with our first match.

That was until Zane Dawson and George South appeared and interrupted the show.

Security immediately came out and protected Blaze.  Both addressed Myers and General Manager Brian Hawks.  They teased going after Blaze a couple of times and said they were taking over AML.  They also said they would finish C.W. Anderson once and for all.  Further, they criticized why Damien Wayne got a AML Wrestling Championship title shot for later in the evening before Dawson did.  South was not the least bit pleased being banned from ringside for Dawson's match later in the night either.

This turned out to be only the first time Dawson would make his presence felt on this evening.

Triple Threat Match

-White Mike w/The Tommy Thomas defeated Cam Carter and Joey Rogers

White Mike and Tommy Thomas came out first.  When they came by my area, Tommy insisted on taking my composition book I use to write down notes and the match order as well for shows I attend.  I refused at first, then let him have the notebook.  He wrote in in, "Tommy was great!"  He then had White Mike sign it as he was on the top rope acknowledging the fans before the match by licking it.  Tommy then told me to put that in my review.  More on this later.  I seen Cam Carter on the last AML show in a Fourway Future Stars match.  I was impressed with his athleticism and cat-like quickness on that show.  He also gets great height on his dropkicks, which he used in this match.  I've seen Joey Rogers one other time and he can go in the ring.  So this was a good opening match.  When White Mike takes a chop from anyone, you know it immediately because his reaction to them is unlike that of any other.  Carter hit a dive at one point in the match on the outside right in front of me, and looked to have the match won until he missed an acrobatic mid-air splash off the top rope.  With Joey Rogers down, White Mike took advantage by hitting a cool-looking spinning corkscrew neckbreaker on Carter for the win.  He spun him around about three times before doing that move.  White Mike was over with most of the crowd and got a solid reaction after winning a good opening bout.

-The Young Lions defeated The Mega Plowers

The Young Lions returned to AML after having lost in the previous show, so they were looking for a win against the debuting Mega Plowers.  The Mega Plowers pulled off a "Mega Powers" impersonation to start the match, and used some throwback gestures of past legends in this bout as well.  They were more entertaining that I thought they would be.  Early in the bout, it was the Young Lions that gained control -- highlighted by a simultaneous suicide dive right in front of me.  But the Mega Plowers took over the next several minutes of the match.  They kept one of the Young Lions in their half of the ring and dominated as the crowd got restless for the Young Lions to finally make a tag.  They finally did make a hot tag and turned the tide of the match in their favor before the Mega Plowers put a very brief halt to it.  The Young Lions then pulled out the win when one of them hit a dropkick off the top rope while the other turned that into a roll-up for the victory.

-Caleb Konley defeated Chance Prophet

Konley returned to AML and Prophet was involved in a Fatal Fourway match for a shot at the Prestige title last month.  Prophet used a lot of mind games in an attempt to put away Konley.  For awhile, it looked like it would work as some fans were not sure what to make of what Prophet was doing.  But in the end, Konley won the match by transitioning to a top rope moonsault to get the win.  He transitions to his finishing move very quickly.  Konley is one of the top Indy talents around, and has been for some time.

Lexington Street Fight for AML Tag Team Championship

-The Heatseekers defeated The Geordie Bulldogs w/Baby Doll to win the AML Tag Team Championship

After the battles these two teams have had, it was only fitting a match of this magnitude would settle things.  Or so it seems.  The Heatseekers originally came out with Baby Doll as their manager.  She quickly grew tired of their antics, and pulled the rope up on them on purpose after she was supposed to hold it open.  She left them before the match, and came out with the Geordie Bulldogs when they made their way to the ring.  As expected, this match went all over the North Davidson gym.  A couple of times, weapons fell right in front of where I was at.  Sean Denny of the Geordie Bulldogs was thrown into the bleachers by one of the Heatseekers, and was later busted open as well during the bout.  The Heatseekers had a bag they brought to the ring that was thought to be thumbtacks.  But instead, the bag hilariously contained gummy bears and that infuriated the Heatseekers.  It was because Baby Doll switched the thumbtacks out.  But despite the beatdown on Sean Denny, it appeared the Bulldogs would retain their titles when Sean hit a knee off the top rope on both members of the Heatseekers.  But the Heatseekers rolled out of the ring to avoid being pinned.  Sean had pulled out some mist to use, and it was taken briefly by the Heatseekers.  But he had another bottle on him and looked over at us(He later said he purposely looked at Michelle Isaac when he was preparing to use it.  Isaac is a HUGE Heatseekers fan).  But it didn't lead them to a win.  Later, Zane Dawson came out and attacked the Geordie Bulldogs by laying them out.  The Heatseekers hit a splash on Sean Denny for the win just before Mark could get in to prevent the pin.

AML Prestige Championship

-Jordan Kage defeated Darius Lockhart to win the AML Prestige Championship

Last month, Cedric Alexander(yes THAT Cedric Alexander) vacated the Prestige Championship to challenge "King" Shane Williams for the AML Championship.  This left the door open for someone to become the new Prestige Champion.  After two Fatal Fourway matches to determine the two that would challenge for the vacated title, it would end up being Darius Lockhart against Jordan Kage for this show.  Kage is a classic heel and has a unique move set that he incorporates in his matches.  Lockhart is a great athlete and is only beginning to do big things in the business.  Before the match, Tommy Thomas came out and wanted to make Lockhart his latest client.  He also led the crowd to a "Happy Birthday" singing for Lockhart, who was celebrating his 21st on that night.  Lockhart turned down Tommy's offer to be his latest client.  The match itself went back and forth with Kage hitting some unique moves and Lockhart using his quickness and athleticism to his favor.  The end of the match came when Lockhart was prepared to hit a move off the top rope until Kage pushed the referee into the ropes that caused Lockhart to fall off of them.  Kage then hit his 8x10 finisher on Lockhart to win the Prestige title.  After the match, Tommy brought out the cake like he did before the start of the bout.  Lockhart pushed the cake in Tommy's face, and told him that he said he wasn't going to be his next client.

Extreme Rules Match

-Zane Dawson defeated C.W. Anderson

George South came down to the ring with Dawson, but was officially banned from being involved per match rules despite insisting he would remain at ringside.  C.W. Anderson came out and announced that this would be an extreme rules match instead of a tables match.  The match went back and forth as well as right in front of me.  They teased putting each other thru a table on the outside of the ring as well as the one set up in the corner of the ring by Anderson during the bout.  It appeared that Anderson was on his way to winning the match when the referee was down after Dawson attacked him.  But the Heatseekers came out to help Dawson against Anderson.  The ECW original held his own against the new tag team champions while Dawson was down.  However, as soon as Anderson hit a spinebuster on Sigmon, Dawson speared Anderson thru the setup table in the ring corner and won the match.  As Anderson was being tended to by Brian Hawks, George South came out to announce his new faction.  He announced that Dawson and the Heatseekers were a group called the Expendables because it's a team of people that nobody wanted.  They promised to take over AML and put Tracy Myers and Brian Hawks on notice.  Anderson was able to walk off with some help after the match as fans gave him a standing ovation upon leaving the ringside area.

AML Wrestling Championship

-"King" Shane Williams w/Queen Taylor defeated Damien Wayne by DQ

As one can expect with these two, this match took place as much outside the ring as it did in it.  They fought in the opposite bleachers from where I was sitting for a good portion of time.  In fact, Wayne fell down the bleachers during the battle they had.  That certainly got my attention.  Neither man could gain the advantage for long.  The end of the match came when Shane was set to hit his pile driver finisher on Wayne.  That was until Dawson once again interfered in a match and attacked the AML Wrestling Champion that caused a disqualification.  Wayne took exception to that and the two rivals also went at it.  Later as Taylor was tending to Shane, Dawson grabbed her by the hair and was set to hurt her until security came out.  Security tried to prevent further damage, but Dawson attacked them all.  In fact, he hit one of them with a lariat so hard outside of the ring that it literally knocked his shoe off that went flying just behind me in the second row.  South laughed and joked about that when it happened.  It got a laugh out of me and several others in that area.  Shane Williams and Damien Wayne both took exception to the attack and took out the rest of the remaining security in the ring in front of South and Dawson.  Wayne then tried to turn the tables on Shane, but he nearly got a pile driver for his efforts.  Wayne then grabbed a microphone and challenged Shane to rematch at the next AML show called Dog Eat Dog on October 22.  The AML Wrestling Champion accepted the challenge and told Wayne "I will rule you!" on October 22 as the show came to an end.  Shane was really over with crowd yet again on this night.  Both put on a solid and physical match, so one can expect much of the same and then some in the rematch next month.


-Before the show, I caught up with Mark Denny of the Geordie Bulldogs, who was out in the lobby to promote the benefit for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics.  I introduced myself and told him I was the one behind the writing of this site.  I had thanked him for promoting my site and the reviews I write here.  He liked the site and we briefly talked about the event that was upcoming.  Later in the night, Tracy Myers asked Mark to show them the shirts and talked about the benefit.  Mark approached the ring with a shirt to show the fans what it looked like.  On his way back to his table, he gave that shirt to a kid that was two chairs down from me in the front row.  I can safely say Mark is a class guy all the way even though I could tell that before having officially spoken to him at this event.

-After the segment in which Tommy Thomas got a cake to the face from Darius, Head of Security Bobby Lucas came over and was cleaning up the area with a mop.  He kept hitting my feet with the mop while he was laughing.  I will say cake got everywhere because of that and the pics from Tommy later on were funny.  See Bobby, told you this was going in my review though!

-After not seeing him at intermission, I was able to catch up with Darius Lockhart at his table and wished him Happy Birthday again.  We talked about his upcoming schedule and about AML's weekend shows in October.  Also, that AML and PWX run the same Saturday on October 22.  He also mentioned about how fellow students at his school at UNC-Greensboro know him from his wrestling.  Later, Tommy Thomas came up to us and wanted me to take a pic of them as he tried to convince him to be his new client again.  Darius still wasn't having any of it.  The pic I got of them proved that.  I then talked to Tommy for a bit and we talked about the spot before when he signed "Tommy was great!" in my composition book and White Mike licked it.  I told him that was too funny.  This was the first time he didn't demand for me to write something good about him(nor did he have to).  LOL.  Nonetheless, he thanked me a couple of times for writing them.  After he went back to help clean up, I went back to get a pic with Darius since all the lights came back on at that point.  Darius is one of the really great guys in the business.  And there's not many that work as hard as Tommy does in promoting the business in and out of the ring.

-My friend Aaron Johnson and I talked with Tracy Myers for a few minutes after the show.  We talked about the belt designs for the Prestige title, AML Championship, and some of what happened on the show.  When discussing the belt designs, the conversation turned to Mid-South Wrestling.  Tracy didn't know that Mid-South Wrestling/UWF was how I became a wrestling fan, and that it was the promotion I grew up watching.  For that have never read anything on here or my social media account, I did a large part of my growing up as a little kid in Midwest City, OK and went to those shows at the OKC Myriad as a kid.  It was because my mom was stationed in the Air Force there when I was little.  I liked that WrestleCade has brought in a significant amount of Mid-South talent to shows over the years as it reminds me of my days watching that promotion as a kid.

-After the last match, those that were part of the Special Olympics run got to step in the ring and take a group pic with AML Champion "King" Shane Williams and "Queen" Taylor.  They were also recognized during intermission and received a loud ovation from the crowd in attendance when doing so.  Having passed by many of them during the event, you can sense before all that happened that they were very grateful to AML for the benefit.  It was fitting that high class people like Shane and Taylor ended the night in the ring with them.

It was another fun night of action at AML.  Thanks to the entire staff and team at AML for yet another successful event.

The next AML events will be October 22 and 23 at the Southside Recreation Center in High Point, NC.  The October 22 event is called Dog Eat Dog.  The Sunday show on October 23 is the 2nd Annual Cornette Cup Tag Team Tournament named after the legendary manager Jim Cornette.  The Double Shot weekend is part of an exciting month leading to the big WrestleCade weekend in November.