AML Live to Win Results

By davidfunk74
May. 25, 2015

I was finally able to attend my first AML(America's Most Liked) wrestling show on Sunday after missing all the shows they had previously.  Since it was on a holiday weekend and I didn't have to travel out on Sunday like normal due to that, I was able to go.  And it was memorable night to see the first ever AML champion crowned as well as great in-ring from some independent stars I know and some I seen for the first time.

The Live to Win show took place at AML Arena(Johnny & Junes) at Marketplace Mall in Winston Salem, NC.  Winston Salem is an area I know quite well since I graduated high school from nearby Kernersville, and I always get a "homecoming" feel going back there which is another reason I was looking forward to going.

Anyway, enough about all that.  Time to talk about AML's Live to Win with some of what I remember about the matches although I tend to be forgetful about a lot of them at shows.  On with the results:

Jason Kincaid defeated Brandon Scott

This was a rock-solid match to kick off the show.  This back and forth affair had a number of near pinfall attempts as well as wide variety of moves by both including some I haven't seen before.  One of my favorite spots of the night was Kincaid's "619" type move on Scott from the floor into the ring.  In the end, Kincaid hit a series of moves to score the win over Scott.

Baron Bullard defeated George South Jr

Before the match, George South cracked me up when he was on the microphone ripping into this fan at ringside.  He's a great talker.  Anyway, at one point during the match, there was a bad spill on the ring floor that looked like it hurt Baron in particular, but he recovered from that to get a win after interference when Zane Dawson clotheslined South Jr.  It was my first time seeing either of them in a match, but both did well out there.

Heatseekers defeated Nuclear Kassarole

The only I had seen wrestle live before this match was "Cauliflower" Chase Brown from Nuclear Kassarole.  Pete Kaasa is a very athletic, quick in-ring performer.  In the end, it was the Heatseekers that pinned Kaasa to get the win in what was a very good tag team match between the two teams.

Tama Tonga defeated Brady Pierce

Tonga is the adoptive son of former WWE and WCW star Haku/Meng, and he moves around the ring very well.  Pierce put up a good fight in this match himself, but it was Tonga with his DDT finisher(which is cool to see live) that got the win in the end.

Doc & Amber Gallows defeated Raphael King & Devyn Nicole

This was a good back and forth mixed tag team match, but it was the Bullet Club members that got the win when Doc hit his sit-down power-bomb finisher on King for the win.

Damien Wayne defeated Raj Singh in a Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ match

Singh was known as Jinder Mahal in the WWE, and both men agreed to make this match a No DQ after it was announced it was a Falls Count Anywhere.  Plenty of weapons were used in this match that spilled to the outside of the ring and over at the guest tables.  Surprisingly after both hit each other with almost everything but the kitchen sink, the match ended in the ring with Wayne pinning Singh.

Caprice Coleman defeated Zane Dawson, "King" Shane Williams, and Vordell Walker to win the AML Championship

This was a great main event that ended in controversy after the referee counted Coleman's pin on Dawson.  In the meantime, Shane had a pin on Walker.  But the referee declared Coleman the winner and the first ever AML Champion when it was all said and done.  After the match, Dawson viciously attacked AML interviewer Chris Lea with a clothesline as well as a number of chair shots.  Owner Tracy Myers yelled at Dawson to say he was suspended while this was going on before he left with George South.  Caprice Coleman then was interviewed after the match with family in the ring, and said he was a fighting champion that will take on anyone for his title.  This prompted a surprise appearance from Cedric Alexander, and he told the new AML Champion that he wanted his shot at the title to end the show.


-I had a few minutes to talk with Amber O'Neal-Gallows as well as Doc before the show at their table.  I had brought my pic I got with Amber at WrestleCade in November last year.  She immediately knew where the pic came from when I showed it to her, and she asked to sign it which she did.  I also mentioned to Doc that he was born in the same city as me in Cumberland, MD which he liked to hear.  Amber is one of my favorite people I've met in the business, and one of few wrestlers in it that know me when she sees me.

-I met up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time at this show although my conversations with most of them were brief.  It was good seeing Bobby Roebuck, who is one heck of a photographer and one of the most professional people you'll meet anywhere.  Chris Lea stopped to see me when I was talking to my friend Crystal Noel at a guest table, but I only talked to both briefly.  I'm hoping to see Chris in another match soon at a show, and he's also one of the good guys in the business.

-I sat with my friends Adrian Rohr and Jeff Melton in the second row at this show.  Adrian's chants are funny at all shows he's at, but he knows his stuff about Indy wrestling.  Jeff did great updating me on the on-going storylines in AML since it was my first show and I hadn't seen any of it on TV prior to this event either.

-Tracy Myers' birthday is tomorrow, and the entire AML staff before the show led everyone in attendance in a song for him.  In short, that tells me all I need to know about the kind of people they have at AML.  I'm glad I had a couple of short moments to talk to Tracy including when the show was finished to let him know it was good.

I'm glad I got a chance to go to this show after not attending a wrestling in event in couple of months which seemed like it was much longer.  Overall, the show was good and so was the interaction.  Thanks to the entire AML staff and wrestlers for putting on a great AML show on this Memorial Day weekend.  It was great seeing some familiar faces(and some new ones as well), and I'm hoping I can get to another AML show soon.

Their next show is back at AML Arena in Winston Salem on Sunday, June 28 with Bulletproof.  If you're close by the Triad area in NC, go check out AML.

Also, be sure to check out my friends at Live From The Armory on Wednesday night as they talk about the latest wrestling news and stories as well as interview wrestling talent all over the independent scene.

And Happy Birthday to AML owner Tracy Myers!