AML Now That's Cool Results

By davidfunk74
Aug. 29, 2017

AML Wrestling returned to Lexington Senior High School for an event called Now That’s Cool. The show got its name because of the special guest appearance from former WWE star Carlito. The man that spits in the face of people that don’t want to be cool challenged Brandon Scott for the Prestige Championship on the show. Also, Zane Dawson looked to continue his dominance as AML Champion as he faced Montana Black. The Geordie Bulldogs looked to hold onto their AML Tag Team titles by facing their arch rivals, the Heatseekers, in their second match of a 2-out-of-3 falls series. Plus, the newest member of the Extreme Horsemen was revealed and more at this event.

Here are the results of the show:

Future stars matches:

-Top Shelf Guys: KL3, Bobby Balyntyne & Slim Dre defeated James Blade, Big Joe, & Dave Dawson

In the opening match of the show, Blade, Joe, and Dawson were in control for the majority of the match. Despite that, issues lingered for them in the bout. However in the end, it was KL3(I think) that hit a frog splash off the top rope to win it for their team. This was a solid performance by all in the opening contest.

-Big Time Yah defeated Graham Bell

For those keeping up at AML, Big Time Yah turned on Ian Maxwell and Da Powah and the crowd let him hear it, especially the lady fan sitting two chairs down from me. Big Time Yah is a heck of a talent and heel. At one point in the match, he caught Bell when tried to a dive and Yah caught him and made him pay for it with a slam into the ring apron. After Bell got some offense in, Yah turned it around and won the bout with a vicious spinebuster for the win. During and after the bout, words could be seen being exchanged between Yah and Maxwell as the latter was at a table looking on.

Live show results:

-Boss Hogg defeated Drolix

This is my first time seeing Boss Hogg in some time, but that guy is a beast in the ring. This was my second time seeing Drolix after he first seeing him when he represented MCW. At first, Drolix avoided locking up with Boss Hogg. From there, the physical match between them went back and forth with both getting near pinfalls in the process. In the end, it was Boss Hogg that hit a superplex off the top rope for the win.

-The Extreme Horsemen(CW Anderson & Damien Wayne) defeated The Monster Squad(Billy Brash & Josh Cutshall)

Before the match, CW Anderson got on the mic and announced that Damien Wayne was the newest member of the Extreme Horsemen. They made for a good team, but Brash and Cutshall held their own very well in what was a solid bout between them. It appeared that the Extreme Horsemen had the match won when Wayne hit an elbow off the top rope, but the fall was broken up. Not long after, referee Jeff Bunton lost both of his shoes as one of them ended by the entrance way. The end of the match came when Wayne hit a piledriver on Brash to get their first win as a team in AML. In the process, they sent a message to the rest of the tag team division in AML.

-Hoss Hagood defeated Dante Caballero

Caballero had to endure a "tiny pockets" chant from the crowd during this match. He was comical at times as heel in this match. It looked as if he had the match won a few times. However, Hagood ended up getting the win when he hit the Alabama Slam for the win on Caballero.

Fatal 4-Way Match

-Zane Riley defeated Keith Mac, Axton Ray, and Movie Myk

As the match got underway, it was Riley, Mac, and Axton that took turns punching Myk. But from that point on, each star got their chance to show what they could do in the ring. I do recall all of them locking each other in a chinlock and it being broken up by a jawbreaker which looked cool in person. With action all over the place, Riley finally ended the match by pinning Myk for the win. Very solid showing by all here.

-Ken Dixon & Ian Maxwell was thrown out after outside interference

This was a solid back and forth match that ended up seeing the appearance of Big Time Yah. He threw Dixon out of the ring and the match was thrown out. Shortly thereafter, Yah jumped Maxwell and then threatened to DDT him on the chair until Montana Black tried to intervene. But that didn't stop Yah from DDT'ing him on the chair. Black helped Maxwell to the back after the match. You know we're not gonna have to wait long before we see Big Time Yah and Maxwell in a match against one another.

Match 2 in the best of 3 series for the AML Tag Team Championship

-Geordie Bulldogs(c) defeated the Heatseekers w/George South to even series 1-1

Before the match, South got on the mic and said the Heatseekers were gonna end the series and that they were up 1-0. Towards the end of the match, Mark Denny was left outside the ring, and it was Sean Denny and the challengers in the ring. It appeared they were gonna win the titles back when Elliott of the Heatseekers had Sean up on his shoulders as Sigmon was ready to deliver a move off the top rope. But their plans backfired when Sean sprayed mist into the eyes of Sigmon and rolled up Elliott to win the match. The series is now tied 1-1 with the deciding match-up happening most likely at the next AML event. As always, these two delivered yet another fun match between them.

AML Prestige Championship

-Brandon Scott(c) defeated Carlito

Before the bout, Carlito spit his apple into the face of Scott after the champion took the other apple he had and threw it. However, Scott gained control of the bout at the start. The vast majority of kids were chanting for Carlito for match as he soon took over, but failed to hit his back cracker finisher when Scott held the ropes. One very funny moment happened towards the end of the match as Scott choked on an apple after he attempted to spit it on Carlito. This was after Carlito hit him in the throat. He saved Scott from choking, but later suffered a low blow that resulted in the champion retaining his title. After the match, Scott and referee Jeff Bunton got into a heated argument as the champion does not like the way he officiates matches. The two had problems at the previous AML show. Carlito broke up the exchange by hitting his back cracker finisher on Scott.

AML Championship

-Zane Dawson(c) w/George South defeated Montana Black

After the two were announced, South told Black that he trained him and then offered him a spot into the Expendables faction. Black shook Dawson's hand as he looked to have joined the Expendables. But then he chokeslammed the champion instead and nearly pinned him to win the match. Dawson eventually took over and you could see South a few times pleading with Black as to why he took the match. Black then hit a DDT on Dawson, but the champion was bailed out after interference from South. Dawson finally secured the win by hitting a vicious clothesline, that has won many matches for him, and pinned Black to retain the title. Dawson continues to look dominant as champion. It was nice to see Black get in the main event and a shot at the title, too.


-Before the show, I got to talk with Tracy Myers as he welcomed me back to AML in the process. I, along with my friend Aaron Johnson, talked with him about the happenings as well as some WrestleCade info. I asked Tracy if I could get a pic with him, and for Aaron to take it for me on my phone. Aaron said, “Only because it’s you, I’ll do it.” He took the first one with Carlito walking right behind us as he was leaving the ring from his meet & greet session. After the show, we talked more with Tracy about WrestleCade, and he said to stay tuned for big announcements coming up soon!

-I got to talk with both members of the Geordie Bulldogs before and after the show. I told Sean that I liked how their match ended with him using his mist on Sigmon of the Heatseekers when he was hoisted up for their finisher. I wasn’t expecting that, but it worked well. I went back over to talk with Mark and he was teasing Michelle Isaac, a known Heatseekers fan, about the match finish. Mark was giving her all kinds of grief for that and he asked me what I thought. Needless to say, I sided with Mark on that one. Mark and Sean are good guys that I’m glad are my friends. It’s good they know who I am when I go to AML shows.

-During intermission, I got a minute to talk to Corky Franks. He was the ring announcer for the show, and he’s just the best at it. Anyway, after the brief conversation, he joked saying, “I better get in the ring before I get fired.” That got a laugh out of me, and I’m glad he stayed employed the rest of the show. LOL. It was good seeing Corky again though.

-After the show as they were cleaning up, I talked to Ian Maxwell for a few minutes. It was the first time we talked in person. He told me he was keeping up with my travels, which I thought was cool. Then we started talking about which promotions he works for, including CWF out of Gibsonville. Ian is a heck of a talent and good guy. You’ll be seeing plenty of him at shows soon.

The next AML show will be called Action Talks on September 30 at East Davidson High School in Thomasville, NC.

It was great to be back at AML – or a wrestling show period for the matter – after not attending one since February.

It was another good time and show at AML. It was good seeing a number of friends like Aaron, Brent Hill, Deanna Phillips, Leslie and Kelli Michael, and others, too. I’m hoping to attend the next two, but not entirely sure at the moment. However, I will be at WrestleCade during Thanksgiving weekend for what will be another great time.

Thanks to the entire AML staff and talent for the work that was done to put on a good show.

Be sure to check out Fisticuffs Photography for photos of this event by my good friend Robert Holt. Checkout his Facebook page for that coming soon.

Also, checkout Live From The Armory that is hosted by good friends Lora Lyons and Robert Delph every Wednesday night. It’s the best independent wrestling podcast around with special guests and up to date news from the wrestling business.