PWX Redemption Results

By davidfunk74
Sep. 22, 2016

PWX Redemption took place at the Gastonia National Guard Armory after the great Queens of Combat XV event from earlier in the day.  You could watch both shows for the price of one, and this was the night cap to an excellent Saturday of wrestling action.  This was my first PWX show I attended in three months, and I was looking forward to how it would unfold.  The card featured a brutal Last Man Standing match in the main event, a bout that was match of the year worthy, three X16 qualifying matches, and what was supposed to be a PWX Heavyweight title defense.  In all, it was another wild PWX night -- and as expected -- you had to be prepared to leave your seat or you would get knocked out of it if you weren't watching!

Anyway, onto the results of the show:

X16 Qualifying Match

-James Drake defeated AR Fox and Jeff Lewis Neal

This was a solid match to start the show.  It hasn't taken Drake long to get over in PWX as he looked most impressive in his time there.  AR Fox returned to PWX and is a athletic talent that can certainly go in the ring with anyone on the Indy scene.  This was my first time seeing Jeff Lewis Neal.  The crowd certainly wasn't for Neal for whatever reason.  The opening match got the crowd involved and it stayed that way the entire night.  In the end, Drake continued his string of strong performances in PWX with a win with a believe it was his Liger Bomb finisher(My memory has slipped on how, but I do know for certainty that he won).  I wouldn't be surprised with the way he's going that he continues that momentum all the way thru X16 in November.

-The Ugly Ducklings(Rob Killjoy, Colby Corino, Lance Lude) w/Mikey defeated Team IOU(Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) and Tripp Cassidy

Collectively, the Ugly Ducklings maybe the most over team on the Indy scene today.  They consistently get the "quack!" chants at shows I've seen them at.  This was my first time seeing IOU and Tripp Cassidy.  They made their presence known early when they attacked The Ugly Ducklings before the opening bell when they were in the pose that they're accustomed to doing.  IOU and Cassidy did control the early part of what turned out to be a chaotic six-man tag team match.  It took awhile, but Killjoy finally was legally tagged in late in the match and turned the bout into the Ducklings' favor.  Later, Corino got a tag back in and got the pinfall and win for his team.  After the match, another hilarious "kiss-fest" took place by the Ugly Ducklings on IOU and Cassidy.  A highly entertaining and energetic six-man tag team match here.

X16 Qualifying Match

-Trevor Lee defeated Mason Maddox w/The Tommy Thomas and Jason Cade

The second X16 qualifying match had another one of the top talents on the Indy scene that I've seen in Trevor Lee.  Maddox wanted to right the ship with Tommy in his corner.  This was my first time seeing Cade in a match.  It looked like it was going to be anyone's match to win throughout until the end came when Tommy incidentally to tripped his own client when trying to do so to Trevor Lee.  Lee took advantage of that with a high knee to pin Maddox for the win and to advance to X16.  During the time of the pin, Tommy told the crowd to "suck it!" and was sure it was Maddox getting the win.  That was until it was announced that Trevor Lee had won.  After the match, Tommy scolded Maddox again and yelled at him as to why he's such a loser.  Maddox looked as if he would attack Tommy, but relented and stormed off to the backstage area.  This was another good triple threat qualifying match though.

PWX Heavyweight Championship

"Man Scout" Jake Manning vs Joey Ryan

When they announced this match for the PWX title during the middle of the show, I wondered why.  After the two battled briefly for a few minutes, The Revolt! came out to interrupt just as Manning was trying to let go of Ryan's crotch.  Eventually, Manning picked up a microphone and didn't like them interrupting a title defense or Ryan wanting to potentially win the championship.  So Manning and Ryan challenged The Revolt to a tag team match, which I seen coming and predicted.  Also, they were on the poster and not advertised.  Not that I had any problem with this.

-Revolt(Caleb Konley & Zane Riley) defeated Jake Manning & Joey Ryan

So the PWX championship match turned in to a tag team match.  There was some comedic spots throughout the match - which included Ryan and Manning doing the Young Bucks pose before the bout.  But we got some good tag team wrestling mixed in as well as both got their fair share of offense in.  But the more experienced team of The Revolt! proved to be too much as Konley hit a moonsault onto Manning to get the win for his team in a good match between them.

-Anthony Henry w/Amber Young defeated Matt Riddle

Folks, I'm not even kidding when I tell you this bout right here was "match of the year" worthy.  Those that have read my entries on here for the 2+ years I've done reviews have seen me mention plenty of times of the 5-star ability of Anthony Henry.  This match certainly wasn't an exception.  I've never seen Matt Riddle in a match live.  But after this match, it's safe to say anyone with any sense at all should book this guy often(more on why in the notes).  This was a clinic and classic technical wrestling in every sense.  The match did go to the outside of the ring at one point and Henry ran a dash around the ring before he hit Riddle who was on a chair close to where I was.  Riddle then took control not long after that, and went directly up to me and said, "Bro!"  The match would return to the ring, and Henry hit a double underhook drop-type finisher on Riddle.  But Riddle -- to the surprise of the Henry -- kicked out.  Riddle recovered and hit some stiff kicks that would've floored just about anyone.  But what was most memorable was after he regained the advantage when Riddle hit the most vicious tombstone piledriver I've ever seen live at a show on anyone on Henry.  That one looked like it would kill anyone.  Henry would take back control and win with a vicious reverse chin-lock submission on the mat that forced Riddle to tap out.  After the match, Riddle offered to shake the hand of Henry.  But Henry kicked his hand away and left the ring with Amber.  Solid work isn't near enough to describe how good both were in this match.  Riddle got a loud "Please come back!" chant from the crowd after Henry left.

X16 Qualifying Match

-Tracer X defeated Andrew Everett and Joey Lynch

I've seen these three at least once in a match, but it was a very tall order to follow what Henry/Riddle did.  I was glad to see Everett back in PWX and he put on another solid performance here.  Lynch also held his own.  However, Tracer X moved on to X16 when he hit his 450 splash off the top rope for the win.  It was an impossible act to follow, but all three did well here in this bout.  Not bad for someone that was on the pre-show two months ago, and now has a shot at winning X16 in November.

Last Man Standing Match

-Ethan Case defeated Elijah Evans IV

The feud between the former tag team members of Worst Case Scenario reached a boiling point at PWX Redemption.  After a brutal beatdown by Elijah on his former partner at the previous PWX show, Ethan did indeed have redemption on his mind.  After the bell rung, it was Elijah that struck first with powder to the face of Ethan after he charged at him.  From there, the action spilled into the crowd and you had to be prepared to move at all times or one of them was going to be thrown at you.  That was especially true for those of us that sat in the front row.  Elijah at one point got so frustrated that he threw the referee into the bleachers.  Another time, Ethan piledrived his former partner on the opposite set of bleachers from where I was sitting.  Ethan was busted open not long after that before one of the most vivid spots in PWX history took place.  After his hired help came out to prevent Ethan from getting back in the ring, Elijah had his two guys put Ethan on a table that was set up earlier in the match outside the ring.  Elijah then leaped off the top rope on Ethan through the table on the outside of the ring that drew a "Holy Sh*t!" chant from the crowd.  But despite that, Ethan would NOT stay down and barely beat the 10 count.  Elijah and company then exposed the ring down to the plywood to punish Ethan more.  Ethan was slammed on them and Elijah swung his sledgehammer he had under the ring while barely missing him.  But that began another turning point in the match as the two battled over the sledgehammer before Ethan hit a Cutter on Elijah.  Ethan then hit Elijah in the head with the sledgehammer and knocked him out cold.  Ethan stumbled to his feet, but beat the 10 count as Elijah was unable to stand after being knocked out.  Ethan got his redemption.  These two nearly killed each other, and both had to have a lot of help to the back after the bout finished.  This was a hell of a main event match, and major props to both for putting on a match this dangerous.


-After the show, me along with my friend Chris Dickinson, caught up with Matt Riddle and congratulated him on having what was my favorite match of the night.  We both asked him questions about PWX and whether he would return, what it was like working with Anthony Henry, and more.  He'll be back at PWX after the kind of performance he put on.  He also spoke very highly of Henry and noted how intelligent and ring-savvy he was in the business.  In talking to Riddle, it didn't take long to see that he understands the business very well.  He also flat out said that his goal is to put on the best match of the card every time he goes out to the ring.  Well, mission accomplished on this night!

-We also went up to Anthony Henry after talking to Riddle to tell him the same thing.  I also added that Henry has always delivered and that his match was my favorite of the night.  Henry is right near the top as one of my favorite performers on the Indy scene.  I've talked him up on here and social media for two years.  You're gonna hear plenty more from this guy in the business.

-Also, Chris and I were able to talk with PWX CEO Brian Kanabroski after the show.  We talked about a number of things, which included Riddle coming back, Cedric Alexander, and CWC title.  He also gave a little detail about the business many outside of it aren't aware of or maybe shouldn't know.  We did talk about how wrestling is today and the similarities to the territory days in many ways.  He addressed Riddle and him returning(music to our ears).  PWX has a lot going for themselves right now, and it very worst is one of the top 10 Indy promotions anywhere.

-Before we left out, we seen The Tommy Thomas out in the lobby.  Now before the show, Tommy demanded once again that I write something good about him in my review.  I told him to give me a reason to, and he said he wouldn't have any trouble doing that at the show.  Well, he told me out in the lobby to make sure that I put in my review that he told the crowd to "suck it!"  But I told him that after he did that, his client got pinned.  Tommy looked at Chris and I and said, "Oh, you got jokes?!  You got jokes?!  You should be on Saturday Night Live!"  That's really the first time I got a reaction from Tommy, but he had me laughing all the way back to my car.  Tommy is an entertaining and interesting personality to say the least.  Anyway, there's my "writing good" about him for a paragraph.  LOL.

PWX has set the bar very high at their shows and they continue to hit them --if not exceed them -- in a big way.  The expectations get bigger by the show they put on, and they still deliver.  PWX Redemption was no exception.

Once again, thanks to all the entire talent and staff for yet another fun-filled and entertaining night of PWX action!

The next PWX show will be in Hickory, NC next month.  PWX X16 will take place on November 19 & 20.  Check the PWX Facebook page and/or Twitter for more info coming up about both shows.

Also, be sure to checkout Robert Holt's Fisticuffs page for photos of this event as well as Queens of Combat XV when he releases them.

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