WrestleCade 2016 The Final 3 Count Results

By davidfunk74
Dec. 02, 2016

WrestleCade 2016 The Final 3 Count took place on Saturday that began with a Fanfest 11am.  Those with VIP passes got in 30 minutes earlier than those who didn't have one.  The WrestleCade event itself was later that evening.  Some of the most recognized names in the history of the business were on the card.  Also, some of the top independent talent performed as well.  The show was highlighted by two women's matches, the George South 3rd Annual Battle Royal, a six-man tag team match for the ages, and the first ever meeting between two stars for the WrestleCade Championship as "Broken" Matt Hardy defended his title against "The Big Guy" Ryback.

Here are the results for the Final 3 Count at WrestleCade 2016:

Pre-show match results:

-Steve Corino, CW Anderson, Jack Victory, and Geordie Bulldogs defeated The Expendables(George South, Zane Dawson, Zane Riley, and The Heatseekers)

This was the first match of the pre-show.  These guys have been feuding for a couple of months, and some participants in the match even performed at the Fanfest show against one another.  The ECW Originals(Corino, Anderson, and Victory) teamed up with the current AML Tag Team Champions, who later acknowledged how big of a deal this was.  With this being a 10-man tag team match, the referee more than had his hands full here.  The end of the match came when Anderson and Corino hit a slingshot into a superkick finisher combo for the win.  In many ways, it was a measure of a revenge for the winning team.  After the match, Anderson picked up a mic and really put over Corino and talked about his real-life friendship with him.  He also congratulated him on recently being hired by the WWE to be a trainer.  This went over very well with the crowd, and was an awesome way to kickoff the evening.

-Triple Threat AML Championship

"King" Shane Williams w/Queen Taylor defeated Damien Wayne and Greek God Papadon

The AML Championship was once again on the line here as "King" Shane Williams defended his title against two opponents he knows very well.  This was the first time I've seen Papadon since the early part of the year, and I can't picture him being anything other than a heel.  He got into it with a few fans telling them to shut up, which always find comical.  Wayne is the "Mid-Atlantic Badass" for a reason, and is as tough as they come.  Shane is really over in AML, and is one of the nicer guys in the business as is Taylor.  The end of the match came when Shane hit his piledriver finisher on Papadon for the win to retain his title.  Very physical match that one could expect here.  Shane will defend his title at the 2nd anniversary show on January 28.

Live Show results:

-Eddie Edwards defeated Crazzy Steve

Eddie Edwards is the current TNA World Champion, and I've seen a number of times live.  I've never seen Crazzy Steve, but have on television before.  The two got in their fair share of offense, but it was the current TNA World Champion that picked up the win by hitting a jumping leg lariat on Crazzy Steve in the opening bout on the live show.

-Tessa Blanchard defeated Rachael Ellering w/Veda Scott as guest referee

Blanchard vs Ellering.  If that isn't a reminder of the classic Four Horseman vs Road Warriors days back in the 1980s when their dads, Tully Blanchard and Paul Ellering, were on opposite sides, I don't know what is.  One is a third generation star and the other is a second generation star.  But make no mistake about it, both have been making a name and doing very well for themselves in the business already.  Veda Scott was added to the match, and to my knowledge had never refereed before this bout.  I could be wrong on that.  As I've come to expect from them both, Tessa and Rachael delivered yet another great and fun match that went in such a way that either could've won.  In the end, Tessa hit her slingshot finisher from the ropes into a reverse slam to pick up the win.  Both shook hands with each other at the conclusion of the match.  It was another very good showing by both as they continue to impress in the ring.  For the record, congrats to Tessa for appearing on Monday Night Raw this past Monday, too!

-Gunner defeated Chris Mordetzky

These two powerhouses met in Gunner's hometown of Winston Salem at WrestleCade.  The crowd was split on who they were pulling for in this hard-hitting match.  Mordetzky attempted to end the match a few times by locking in his masterlock finisher, but Gunner found a way to counter each time.  The last time he tried that, Gunner countered it into hitting a spear to get the win in his hometown at the final WrestleCade event.

-Drew Galloway defeated PJ Black

These two former WWE Superstars clashed at WrestleCade.  I've seen these guys perform on the independent scene a few times.  The "playbook" so to speak is more open for them than it was in the WWE when they competed there.  Both were allowed to use their own strengths and get their offense in.  The end of the match came when a DDT was countered and eventually turned into a Canadian Destroyer-type finisher by Galloway on Black for the win.

-George South Invitational Battle Royal

George South wins the Battle Royal

The 3rd George South Invitational Battle Royal featured stars from the past and present which included most on the poster above.  Before the match, Rock Star Spud cut a promo running down the battle royal, fans, and city.  He also ran down George South as well as he was the first star to enter the ring.  I don't recall the exact order, but I do know the final 3 was South, Rock Star Spud, and the legendary Brooklyn Brawler.  The Brooklyn Brawler was then eliminated by South and Spud, bringing it down to two.  South eventually eliminated Spud -- much to the delight of everyone in attendance.  South cut a promo after winning saying thanks to all fans while also putting over those at WrestleCade.  Ironically, he cut a promo in the opening pre-show match running down fans.  I guess that's what winning your own Battle Royal will do for you.  LOL.  I'm only kidding George if you read this.  It was only fitting that he won the final Battle Royal of WrestleCade.  The man is the best trainer around, and has done so much for talent as well as for the business.

-Carlito defeated Jeff Jarrett w/Nick Patrick as guest referee

Early in the match, Jarrett strutted twice after hitting a couple of hip tosses on Carlito.  Later, Carlito returned the favor and strutted after hitting some moves on Jarrett.  Then Jarrett and Nick Patrick got into it.  That led to Jarrett being shoved by Patrick, and then hip tossed unexpectedly by the referee.  Then in a comedic moment, Patrick strutted after doing that to Jarrett.  After the two got more serious, both had an even match.  The end came when Jarrett accidentally spit Carlito's apple into the face of Patrick.  As Jarrett backed up from that, Carlito hit his back stabber finisher and picked up the win at WrestleCade.

-Luke Hawx defeated B.J. Whitmer

As you can see from the poster above, it was supposed to be EC3 vs Hawx.  However, before the match started, Hawx cut a promo and was angry about not being able to face EC3 due to injury.  So he called out any opponent to face him.  That's when B.J. Whitmer along with the legendary Kevin Sullivan came out to challenge him to a match.  The end of the match came when Hawx hit a blockbuster-type finisher on Whitmer for the win.  Even going back to when he had his steel cage match with Gunner at a previous WrestleCade, he's been most impressive at this event.  As for Whitmer, this was my second time seeing him after watching him at a previous ROH show.

-Ricochet, Matt Cross, & Shane Strickland defeated Sonjay Dutt, Juventud Guerrera, & Caleb Konley

This match right here was the best six-man tag team bout I've ever seen at a live show.  Jason Kincaid was replaced by Caleb Konley for the bout, and it was match of the year worthy to me.  The end of this match came when Cross hit a moonsault off the top rope onto Konley for the win.  After the bout, Juventud and Dutt got on the mic and put everyone over in this match.  Everyone in the match received a standing ovation, and rightfully so.  When the DVD for this match comes out, buy it for this one alone.  It was THAT good, folks.  Trust me on that.

-Kelly Klein, Amber Gallows, Kennadi Brink, & Taeler Hendrix defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Mandy Leon, Faye Jackson, & Solo Darling

I'm glad that two women's matches were booked on the card.  However, any match that followed the previous one was gonna have a hard time following that up regardless of which bout it was.  These women are talented, and have done very well for themselves in WOH as well as on the independent wrestling scene.  In a match like this, it's hard for everyone to get time to shine, but all of them at least did briefly if not more.  The end came when Klein forced Darling to tap out to her submission move to win the match for their team.

-WrestleCade Championship

"Broken" Matt Hardy w/Senor Benjamin defeated Ryback to retain the WrestleCade title

The final match ever at WrestleCade featured two stars meeting in the ring for the first time ever.  Most of the crowd was for Hardy as "Delete!  Delete!  Delete!" chants could be heard every time he gestured for it.  There were some fans that could be heard supporting Ryback and "Feed me more!" chants, too.  Each star did get in their signature moves, and both used offense most fans haven't seen on live Indy events.  Ryback hit a dive onto Hardy on the outside of the ring and threw a dropkick at one point, too.  He's agile for size.  Hardy also took the fight to the outside of the ring, and hit his Twist of Fate on Ryback as well.  The end of the match came when the referee was inadvertently knocked down.  Ryback hit his Shell Shocked finisher on Hardy, but the referee was unable to count.  Senor Benjamin got involved and used a stun gun on Ryback as the referee remained down in the ring.  This enabled Hardy to recover in time to hit his Twist of Fate finisher again on Ryback to win the match and remain the final champion of WrestleCade.

Notes from WrestleCade:

-Before the start of the live show, the legendary Dutch Mantell was introduced as the GM for the night's matches.  He reverted to his Zeb Coulter gimmick with his "We The People!" gesture, and also voiced his political opinions like he did in the WWE.  He's always been great on promos.

-Also during the show, WrestleCade management presented founder Tracy Myers with a restored guitar used by Jeff Jarrett on Matt Hardy when he shattered it over his head in the main event last year.  They all thanked Tracy for his part in making WrestleCade as big as it was this year.

Notes from Fanfest and throughout the day:

Meeting Sting

-I had a Superstar pass, so I was among the early entries into Fanfest.  The first thing I wanted to do was find out where Sting was going to be at.  Fortunately, I ran into Brian Hawks about as soon as I got into Fanfest, and he told me exactly where he'd be as well as informed me that he was switched to a different spot in the venue.  So I made my way over there, and was the first person in line to meet the Icon.  I had already purchased a Photo Op during the pre-sale.  I recall Deanna Phillips, a friend of mine that works at AML Wrestling, was helping with Sting's Meet & Greet.  So I gave them my ticket and stood next to Sting(who was in full face paint) as he shook my hand.  We took the pic, and I talked to him for a little over a minute.  I told him that I've followed his career since the UWF days back in the mid-1980s because I lived in the Midwest City, Oklahoma as a kid, and would go to the old OKC Myriad to watch shows.  My dad used to take us to Mid-South/UWF shows a lot when they were around.  Anyway, after telling him this, he says, "That was when I was with Hellwig(Originally Blade Runner Rock before he was the Ultimate Warrior)."  Then I said, "Yeah, you were originally Blade Runner Flash before you were Sting."  He said somewhat laughing, "Yes, and that was a long time ago."  I told him I'm glad I finally met you.  He said, "I'm glad it worked out that we could meet."  I shook his hand and moved on to meet the next guest.  He's definitely a nice guy that almost everyone has said he is.  I noticed the line after I left, and it didn't take long for it to back up with fans waiting to meet him.  This alone would've made my day!

Meeting "The Big Guy" Ryback

-The next star I got in line to meet was "The Big Guy" Ryback.  He wasn't too far away from where Sting was at, so I decided to meet him next since he was on my list of people to see.  As I was in line, my friend Bobby Huffman was there, too.  I asked the guy running Ryback's table if they still would take cash because I think due to him being a WrestleCade guest, you had to get it in advance.  The guy said they could only take exact change.  I didn't have exact change, and I asked Bobby if he had change for a $20.  He did and I thanked him a couple of times for helping me out.  So I got to meet Ryback.  As I approached him, we shook hands and then took the pic.  After that, I asked him about his thoughts on WrestleCade.  He said he loved it and that the people were all great.  He said he was looking forward to his match with Matt Hardy that night.  I shook his hand again after that, and he thanked me for coming out.  As I was going to leave, I noticed my friend Kyle Lewis and his little boy Max were in line.  Kyle asked me before I left if I could take a pic of Ryback with Kyle on his phone as he took one with his camera.  Max is a big fan of Ryback.  After the WC was over, Max got a pic with him again after he was crushed that he lost.  Later, Ryback posted that pic on his Instagram account and jokingly said, "I wasn't permanently deleted."  He also tweeted Kyle back later saying, "Thank you Kyle.  He made my night and I'm glad I could help."  That says a whole lot about Ryback.

Heroes & Legends of Pro Wrestling

-My next stop was the Heroes & Legends of Pro Wrestling table where I seen fellow Dangerous Alliance member(a wrestling Facebook page we both are part of) Mike Kalasnik running the table.  We've only crossed paths a few times, but we talked briefly about the group.  Anyway, I purchased a super ticket to meet all four of their guests, which were Veda Scott, Rachael Ellering, Kennadi Brink, and Kelly Klein.  It was a very organized process -- even though the area was congested, but that had nothing to do with them.  Nonetheless, the experience was great with them all.

Meeting Veda Scott

-The first of the H&L guests I met was Veda Scott.  I seen her at a live ROH show earlier this year, but never met her in person.  She's shorter in person than I thought she'd be, but she's gorgeous and a nice lady.  The conversation was brief.  She thanked me a couple of times for coming out and asked if I was enjoying WrestleCade.  We took a picture and she shook my hand and thanked me again.  After the WC event that night was done, me and the group of friends I was with seen her at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant down the street from the hotel we stayed at.

Meeting Rachael Ellering

-This was my second time meeting the daughter of the legendary "Precious" Paul Ellering, and I told her the previous time was at the QOC show back in September in Gastonia, NC.  We talked briefly about the Fatal Fourway she won on that show(the best Fourway women's match I've seen live).  She was wearing a cool-looking Road Warriors t-shirt, and I was going to say something about that.  It was then that she noticed my Cubs 2016 World Series Champions shirt I had on, and said that was her team, too.  That put a big smile on my face, and that was the topic of conversation the rest of the time.  She was telling me about her time in Chicago and how they finally got a ring.  I told her I had waited since 1984 as a fan to see them win it all.  So she signed a pic of her for me while putting "Go Cubs Go" on it, and then we got a pic.  We shook hands and she thanked me again for coming out.  It wouldn't be the only time we crossed paths with one another on the weekend.  After the WC event was over, I had to go back to my hotel room and drop my WrestleCade IV shirt off I got at the show(that I almost hurt Chris Riddle's arm snatching it in the air.  LOL).  I was on my way out to meet up with a group of friends at Mellow Mushroom, and was on the 10th floor of the Marriott hotel ready to go.  I took the elevator down, and it stopped either on the 5th or 6th floor.  I don't recall.  Anyway, when it did stop, Rachael got on.  She said, "Hey, you're the Cubs fan I met earlier today."  I told her yes I was.  I then told her that her match with Tessa Blanchard was great.  She thanked me, and said her and Tessa had fun with that match.  She said she had to go downstairs to exchange room keys because they didn't work, and that she was having trouble with that all weekend there.  She did say she doesn't forget faces easily, but it was nice that she had remembered me from earlier despite all the people that attended.  There may not be a nicer lady in the business.  Since she's also a big Cubs fan, she's become one of my favorite people in the business.  She's already a very good talent in the ring, and she's done very well in making a name for herself, too.

Meeting Kennadi Brink

-I have seen her plenty of times on Queens of Combat shows, but this was my first time actually meeting Kennadi Brink.  I told her that I've seen her in matches plenty of times before.  I told her that she's very entertaining with her promos during matches.  She said that's what she does.  She signed an 8x10 for me at that point.  Her and Kelly Klein would get a pic with me.  Later after posting that pic on Instagram, she said that it was a pleasure to meet me at WC.  She's a very nice lady and talent, too.

Meeting Kelly Klein

The final woman at the H&L table that I met was Kelly Klein.  This was the first time I've met her, and I've only seen her on WOH matches.  I didn't talk to her long at all, but did say she's great in Women of Honor.  She did thank me for that.  She signed an 8x10 by including my name and putting "#PrettyBadass(which she most certainly is)" on it.  I then got a pic with her and Kennadi Brink together, which came out very well.  Kelly is also a very nice lady and talent.

Meeting Lisa Marie Varon

-I've met Lisa before at the MCW show I attended last year.  I knew she was a diehard Cubs fan like me.  After she noticed my shirt, we talked about the Cubs and their World Series win.  Before we took a pic, she surprised me by putting on her Cubs hat.  We took one pic with my arm around her.  Then she insisted on taking another one with me with both of us holding "No.1" fingers up.  During this time, she told me she was loving seeing Cubs fans at WrestleCade.  That's when I asked her if she knew Rachael Ellering was a Cubs fan.  She said she didn't, and wanted to go see her later.  Lisa was singing "Go Cubs Go!" before I was done talking to her.  My buddy Bobby Mitchell was behind me in line and she asked him if she was okay with him on wearing the Cubs hat in their pic.  I joked and said, "Do NOT take that hat off.  Leave it on the rest of the day."  She said jokingly, "I always ask because not everyone likes the Cubs."  So Bobby got one with her not having the Cubs hat on.  Okay, Bobby is a good friend of mine, so I won't hold that against him.  LOL.  Later, I seen Lisa pass by me a couple of times at Fanfest when she took a break.  One of those times, she seen me and said, "Hey David, did you see that one fan with a Cubs jacket and hat on?"  I told her I did.  What a super cool lady she is.  It was clear how much she loves the Cubs and being there at WrestleCade.  One of the best experiences ever meeting her.  Oh, Go Cubs Go and Fly The W!

Meeting "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

-After all these years living in North Carolina, I never had the chance to meet Ric Flair.  That all changed at the final WrestleCade.  By the time I got to his line, it died down.  However, it was on the side of the building where stars such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Matt Hardy were at.  Anyway, I got my chance to meet Flair, and the guy from Big Time Wrestling told me that we could sit next to him to get a pic.  As I did, I told him I waited a long time for this.  He held up the "Four Horsemen" sign and so did I in the pic.  He then thanked me for coming out and taking a pic with him.  This was definitely another highlight of my day at WrestleCade!

Meeting "Broken" Matt Hardy

-Hardy is another one I've seen at shows and Fanfests, but never met face to face.  That also changed at the final WrestleCade.  Anyone that has followed wrestling this year knows that he's now "Broken" Matt Hardy.  It's one of the best things going in wrestling.  And with the amount of fans he consistently had in his line at this WrestleCade Fanfest, it's clear that many agree with my sentiment on that.  Nonetheless, I shook his hand, and we took a pic as he had his arms out-stretched and had that crazed look on his face.  Then he asked me if was I coming to the event later that night, and I told him there was no way in the world I'd miss it.  He thanked me for coming out, and told me to enjoy the rest of Fanfest and the show that night.  Another highlight of my day at Fanfest.  And man is he OVER right now, and was even more so in the main event of WrestleCade!

Meeting Rebel

-I met the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and TNA star last year at WrestleCade.  Bobby Mitchell and I were at her table for a bit, and we talked about the Cowboys, TNA, and her appearance last year at WC.  We also talked about her not being at Queens of Combat, and how she missed it last year.  She's obviously loving how the Cowboys are doing.  She's very engaging to fans, and maybe the most gorgeous woman in the business.  I almost forgot how tall she was, too.  LOL.  Well, Bobby and I got pics with her, and she told us to make sure we tweeted them to her later.  And of course, she retweeted the pic, and liked it on Instagram.  She's been great both times I've met her.

Meeting Amber O'Neal

-Amber is one of few that knows me by face, and most of the time by name.  Hey, she sometimes forgets.  LOL.  I'm pretty sure the last time I seen her was at the previous WrestleCade before this event.  As soon as she seen my face, she gave me a hug and said it was good to see me again.  She did the same thing to Bobby because we met her at the same time.  She talked about her tiring path to make it to WrestleCade this past weekend and how she had to prepare for it.  We talked about her recent appearances as well as the show later that night.  During that time, she had a number of people come up to her to talk while Bobby and I were there.  One of them was Eddie Edwards.  Another was our friend Todd Parrish.  She apologized for that a few times, but neither Bobby or I were phased by it.  She did finally get around to taking pics with us, and signing photos, too.  We both hugged her again before we left.  Later, she retweeted my pic I got with her, followed me on Instagram, and left a comment saying it was good to see me again.  It's nice when stars recognize you and remember who you are even after a year.  She's been a friend of mine for about three years in the business.

Meeting Mandy Leon

-I've seen Mandy Leon perform a few times for Queens of Combat, and she was great on those shows.  That woman is so drop dead gorgeous when you see her up close.  Everyone I know says she maybe the best looking female in the business as well.  But don't let her looks fool you.  She can certainly go in the ring, too.  I didn't talk with her long, but she did ask me how I liked WrestleCade.  I told her it was the best one yet, and that I was looking forward to the 8-women tag team match later that night she was in.  I ended up getting a pic with her because I found out she wasn't gonna be on Queens of Combat, so I wanted to be sure I did get one there.  After I posted the pic on Instagram, she retweeted and liked it almost immediately.  Despite the short conversation, she was nice to meet.

Tracy Myers

-During WrestleCade, I did get some time to get a pic with WrestleCade founder Tracy Myers.  He's my friend and we talked about how the event was going.  He didn't know it at the time, but I wanted to make sure I got a pic with him at WrestleCade because this was the final one.  I've seen Tracy plenty of times at AML shows that he runs in the Triad area, but this time was different.  Later, I saved that pic to post for last because it was the final event.  Tracy did have a lot of help, but there's no doubt WrestleCade would've never been as big as it became without him.  Tracy, thanks for five great years of WrestleCade, and I was glad to make four of them(I missed the first one).

WrestleCade Fanfest and the wrestling event itself was one of the best days I've ever had as a wrestling fan.  Certainly, it was the best this year.  I know Fanfest was congested with fans in many areas of the venue, but that's not hard to do when over 4,000 fans -- plus the talent -- are in the same room.  The talent I met were all great, and I wouldn't mind meeting any of them again.  With only four hours, it's impossible to meet all 100+ stars, but that's why it's always important to prioritize.  The wrestling event itself had stars from yesteryear and today that made it another solid show.  It was the best time ever.

Besides the talent I did see, it was also great running into my friends Lora Lyons, John Walsh, Robert Delph and David Delph, Chris Riddle, Donald Webb, Lysander Smith, Charlie Napier, Robert Holt, Bryan Reynolds, Brandon Lattimore, Joseph Magee, Leslie and Kelli Michael, and other friend I may have missed mentioning in this entire entry.  It was also good running into Ethan Case, Aerial Monroe, and Darius Lockhart there as well.

WrestleCade will always hold a special place in the hearts of many as it grew every year, and it ended up going out on a high note in 2016.  I'll always remember those times and how it would occupy my Thanksgiving weekend.  Fans such as myself are hopeful it may return, but I also fully understand the time and manpower it takes to prepare for such an event.  It was a great and very successful five-year run.

So with that, I want to thank every single person that ever had a hand in making WrestleCade to become what it did.  That includes those that prepared for the events, talent, sponsors, and of course all the fans.  Thanks for five great years of WrestleCade memories and moments!

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