An Update.

Hey guys,

Its been a while... but I'm back. Since October 2016, I have taken a break from SPORTSBLOG because of how downhill this website has gone. Since Oct 2016, I have only posted 7 times which just shows how frustrated I was.

One of the main reasons I stopped posting was because SPORTSBLOG stopped sharing how many views and followers I was getting. I used to write for the fans and not even being able to see who was actually reading my posts upset me deeply. Not only this, all of the money I had made on SPORTSBLOG from around September 2014 (which equated to hundreds of dollars) was taken from my page without any reason or notice. When I spoke to the company, they told me there sponsorship deals and brand exposure contracts had been removed.

The worst thing was that I felt everything had gone to waste really. I complained but there was nothing that I could do because the site were clearly losing money and sponsors.

Recently I have logged in and found the things were starting to being re introduced. I can now see some of the articles that I have previously written, however some posts have been deleted (around 100+). Also, the views I had on posts, shares and followers no longer appear which is very frustrating.

After some thought, I have decided to start back up and re build my platform after the international break. I will aim to write 2-3 articles a week. Hopefully, In the next few months, I can generate the hundreds of thousands of viewers I was bringing in before.

Please share this with friends and family and Thanks for the support.


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