Dallas Acquires Zaza Pachulia from Milwaukee

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks and the Milwaukee Bucks agreed on a trade late thursday evening that sent Zaza Pachulia to Dallas for a future second round pick. 

The Mavs had about $16 million left in cap space because of the DeAndre fiasco, which means Dallas will be trading for contracts or overpaying some lower level free agents. Pachulia has around $5 million for one year left on his contract making him a perfect fit. 

Pachulia could be the starting center for the Mavs next season, and that may not be as bad as fans make it out to be. He's no Deandre Jordan (ugh), but he ranked 15th overall in defensive efficiency for the 2014-2015 season (according to basketball-reference.com). The 6'11 center is 31 years old and has been in the league for 11 years after being the 43rd overall pick by Orlando out of Thilisi, Georgia. Last season, in a limited role with the Bucks, Pachulia averaged 8.3 points, 6.8 boards, and 2.4 assists per game. 

Zaza Pachulia was probably the last guy anyone expected to start for Dallas next season, but if he does, he can guarantee one thing: he will scrap for everything. Pachulia is an extremely scrappy veteran and does not take crap from anyone (including KG, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James). He may only be here for one year, but I have a feeling Dallas fans will learn to love him. Plus his name is fun to say.

Welcome to Dallas Zaza!