Alternative varieties in wines - You ain't seen nothing yet

By John Williams
Jun. 24, 2019

Hosting a wine-themed party is an excellent way to make your guests feel welcomed and at home. Did you decide to host such a party for your friends or co-workers and are deciding on how to make it more fun and exciting? Below are the creative wine theme party ideas for you. Order wine from your nearest liquor store and get ready to host a super amazing fun party with these awesome ideas.

Serve Two Types of Wine with Dinner

Keep the price moderate but buy at least two types of wine to serve the quests. In fact, a great quantity of featured dinner wines will be amazing for your dinner party. Low prices will also let the guests enjoy the same experience at home. Make sure to keep the white wine in fridge until about ten to fifteen minutes before serving it. Buy wine online at your convenience and enjoy with your friends.

Make a Playlist for Your Music Loving Friends

Musical experiences are very heart-touching, so select the songs you and your friends will cherish. You can create a specialized playlist to play at the wine party. You can go for “Peel Me A Grape” by Diana Krall, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye, “Lovely Day” by Billy Withers, “High and Dry” by Jamie Cullum and of course, “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison.

Set Up One or Two Televisions to Play Wine-Themed Films

Even when almost everyone has already seen these popular movies, it is an amazing experience to have them playing in the background. You can put on subtitles to keep the voice low so that it does not disturb the guests. You can play A Walk in the Clouds, Red Obsession, Somm, Bottle Shock, Sideways and Corked to tune up the party.

Be Creative with Appetizer Platter of Your Party

Organise blocks of yellow and white cheese in the shape of wine glasses over a full-size circular platter. You can make a boundary around the glasses with grapes and cherries. Create a background of black olives and grapes. Pick the bottles of your favourite wine from any liquor store and place them nicely on the table with other items. Keep the toothpicks in a shot glass to complete the classy look.

Start the Party with Champagne and Cheers!

Want a super duper start to the party? Offer your guests a round of champagne. Buy wine online and keep the bottles in ice until the moment to cheer and drink. Toast the night and let yourself go with the tunes. You can have a kick-off start to your party this way.

Provide Wine Tasting Notebooks to Your Guests

Give small notebooks to your wine-tasting guests so that they can write down the names of the wines you serve them at your party. Each of these notebooks should have a pen with them. Over the course of an evening, it is normal to forget which wines were your favourites, so it is best to place such notebooks at the table with the wine glasses.