T minus 6 days

By AmirA
Nov. 06, 2016

Six days out from the Eyal 15K, so naturally I'm starting to come down with a cold. Winter is coming, but I'm still in denial -- running in t-shirts and shivering afterwards while I stretch. And it doesn't help that I haven't had a bed to sleep on for the past two weeks and have been spending my nights on a yoga mat. (Long story.)

Thursday was the school trip. The night before that was an Hapo'el home game. Between the two I got four hours of "sleep" and lost much of my vocal capacity from screaming. (It was worth it; we beat the Russians.) Friday we had off, but rafting and not drinking enough water and the weather changing and, well, eventually something had to give.

And now I don't know about the December 10K because more than two months into the school year and we still haven't gotten our yearly planner. Ideally I'd run some mile reps at the track tomorrow, but who knows if that'll happen. Tonight I went out for 5 laps around the block, but after two I was about ready to hurl my falafel sandwich from the afternoon.

Not that I'm ready to lower expectations for Saturday just yet. I did have a killer workout at the track just over a week ago, and maybe I can fend off the cold before it takes root. But boy am I not looking forward to winter. It's been a week since the clocks changed, and it's depressing enough even without the cold and wind and rain that are just around the corner. The good news is this apartment seems to trap heat a lot better than the old one. I don't really get direct sunlight in the bedroom because the windows are frosted, but I can tell walking inside in the evenings that it'll be a cozier winter. Plus there's 24-hour hot water.

Now if I could just get a bed to sleep on.