MLB Rumors: Edwin Encarnacion to the Red Sox?

By XiangMayou
Dec. 05, 2016

The Boston Red Sox seem to be the only big team left in the Edwin Encarnacion sweepstakes. The Yankees signed Matt Holliday, Astros signed Carlos Beltran, Blue Jays signed Morales and Pearce so that leaves one team left. The Red Sox are still missing a DH after David Ortiz retired and then endorsed Encarnacion as his replacement.

Encarnacion hit .263 with 42 homeruns and a league leading 127 RBI in 160 games with the Blue Jays in 2016. Playing DH and first base in 2016 that is a perfect fit with the Red Sox as they can DH him most days and then put Encarnacion at first a few times a week to give Hanley Ramirez a day off or put Ramirez at DH.

Encarnacion is 33 years old and is seeking a 4-5 year deal from MLB teams. Turning down a 4 year 80 million dollar deal from the Blue Jays earlier this off-season Encarnacion is looking for 100 million. The Red Sox won't be shy about offering him a big contract as the team is in win-now mode and they know they need Encarnacion for 2017. This deal is far from complete, but the Red Sox are the only logical team left for Encarnacion.