Bad Pacers or Great Lebron

By Tyrese Cohen
Apr. 21, 2017

The Indiana Pacers blew a 25 point halftime lead which was 26 at one point in the first half to fall behind 0-3 in their first round series vs Cleveland. Watching the game its easy to point blame at the refs who tended to swallow their whistles from time to time, or the Pacers who quit pushing the ball in the second half attacking but this is a make or miss league and Cleveland just made shots in the second half that they missed in the first.

LeBron James finished with a triple double but his 28 second half points of which 15 came in the final quarter with both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving looking on from the bench paced the Cavs to largest halftime comeback in NBA playoff history.

The Pacers were once again led by Paul George who had 36 points and grabbed a playoff career-high 15 rebounds but this series is going to leave a nasty taste in the mouth of the entire Indiana organization and fan base. Feeling like they should have been tied going into last night's game 1-1 a blowing a huge lead they probably feel like they should be in control of the series which is practically over at this point. Now it becomes will Game 4 be the last we see Paul George in a Pacers uniform?