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By Walder Smith
Apr. 22, 2019

AOL Mail Down? Here Is What You Can Do to Fix It

America Online or AOL is a New York City-based internet service provider and is marketed by Verizon Media. Their email delivery platform, AOL Mail is a part of the Verizon Communications and has millions of consumers worldwide. While AOL is a trusted and reliable company, service problems are bound to happen with a customer base so large.

From signing in problems and problems regarding receiving emails to password glitches and server downtime, the users of AOL mail face several kinds of issues on a daily basis. For this reason, the Aol Customer Service Number exists where consumers can generate their issues and queries and get relevant solutions according to it. But before that, let us look at some common problems faced by AOL users and how to fix them:

1) Sign In Problems

Problems while signing in to your AOL Mail account can be caused by a number of reasons including password glitches, browser-specific problems and Aol Server Down. The simplest of solutions would be to clear your browsers stored caches, footprints, cookies, and history. Another solution would be to add the AOL Mail site to your browser's trusted set of websites. If you continue to face signing-in issues, contact the Customer Care of AOL.

2) Receiving Mail Problems

If you can log in to your account and read messages yet not receiving any new ones, you might want to check your filters. Emails can bypass your inbox and land in the trash or spam folder if the filters are not set up properly. You might also want to check your spam folder to check if genuine emails have landed there or not and mark them "not spam". Aol Mail Down issues due to heavy traffic can also be the reason why you are not receiving any emails.

3) Reading and Retrieving Email Problems

If you are having issues regarding reading your emails and retrieving the, consider doing the following thing to fix it:

- Caches and cookies are little bits of stored information of various sites to help them load better. Although they initially help websites load faster, they can often cause loading errors. Clear your default browser's cache to remove all the unwanted information bits that have been stored to increase the browser efficiency and speed, and making it run better overall.

- If you have a firewall or other security software system, try temporarily disabling them. Firewalls can often prevent you from connecting to AOL and thus slowing down your overall experience.

- Issues due to Aol Server Down may also arise while retrieving emails. Try viewing your emails in a simpler format by using the AOL Basic Mail if you have a slow internet connection.

AOL is no-doubt, one of the best internet service providers in the world and always ensures that their customers have a great experience online with minimal problems. For this reason, the Aol Helpline Number is always active to deal with your issues and help you figure out a solution.