Whats next for Arsenal.

By Adam Phelan
Sep. 06, 2017

So we all know the last couple of weeks for us Arsenal Fans have been stressful. Times where you just wanted to bounce Kroenke's and Gazides plus Wenger's head off the wall. Year in and out we sat there when the window was open and slowly watch our club fall down the ladder where other Clubs were climbing up the ladder. When Manchester United fell into disaster they got out of it by spending money and i mean lots of money but look where it has got them. We listen to Wenger every Year saying you don't need to spend to win the title? Really?. Its Obvious with the market these days you have to spend lots of money to be a big club . We seen this week Ivan Gazides come out and say the window was very successful this just drive's me mad and you too if your an arsenal fan. Its time we stand up and Get Wenger Gazides and that horrible old fart Kroenke Out of our club because if we don't Arsenal FC Will no longer be a big household name it simple as our club is slowly losing its Reputation as a big club its becoming a club like Everton the last ten years where there are finishing up a season in 6th and 5th thats what arsenal will be a sixth place team if there is no change any time soon simple as.

So as we head into the weekend in doubt whats next for Arsenal we find ourselves in a tough place. Where this week our two biggest players posting on social media about there feeling's it doesn't seem like they want to be here anymore. If Ozil really wanted to be here he wouldn't have put doubt in his future where he says on Instagram "I'm not really sure about my future after this season " which in meaning i don't want to be here anymore and to think 3 FA cups is a Great achievemnet in his eyes which is a pretty good achievement but at a club like Arsenal we need to be aiming for more than 3 FA cups in four years we need league titles. It just goes to show the mind frame of the players there is no high standards at Arsenal and thats all down to Wenger in my eyes. And for Sanchez i don't blame him for wanting to leave would you? A player that give his all week in and out where is other players are like Snails on the pitch and he is clearly frustrated at players which is being causing trouble in the dressing room. So as we play Bournemouth the weekend and no doubt a very tough fixture we have to when in style to get the fans back on track if not its going to be a really bad season for us fans. And for the near future we really can't see any change at our club unless us fans stand up and do something about our club , a club we love, a club that is our home, a club we defend day in and out , a club that we love so much we shed a tear for . So as a big game approaches we need to be behind the team