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Braylon Edwards Has Some Words For Jim Harbaugh.

By Scott Manning
Sep. 18, 2019

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Well It Looks Like Jim Harbaugh Is Being Criticized By One Former Michigan Wolverine Football All-American. Former Michigan Legend And 2004 Fred Biletnikoff Winner Braylon Edwards, Went On The DA Show Of CBS Sports Radio To Discuss The Michigan Football Status Of The Michigan Football Program And Their Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Braylon Edwards Is Not Afraid To Be Outspoken. Edwards Was Asked, Could The Wolverines Be Falling Behind Ohio State. The Former Michigan All-American Said " Unfortunately, That Has Already Happened."

Edwards Also Went On To Say, " We're Light Years Behind Ohio State Right Now."

Braylon Edwards Also Had Some Things To Say About Jim Harbaugh's Approach To The Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry.

Edwards, Also Said, Harbaugh's Approach To The Rivalry Game Is Just Treating It Just Another Game. Edwards Also Said That He Approached The Rivalry Game With Intensity And That's Why He Beat Ohio State In 2003 And He Was The Go To Player For Lloyd Carr Back in The Day.

And When Edwards Was Asked About Jim Harbaugh's Approach To The Ohio State Game He Said, " Jim Harbaugh's Approach To The Rivalry May Be The Problem. Ohio State Admits That Beating Michigan Is An Everyday Goal Of The Program. Harbaugh, He Says, Treats It Like Another Game In November Until That Week Rolls Around.

In All Fairness Michigan Is 2-0 On The Season, But Army Gave Then An Unexpected Test. Braylon Edwards Was Pretty Cool After That Game, But He Did Say That Michigan Is Nowhere Near Ohio State At The Moment.

Here's My Take..

Braylon Edwards Has Been Very Outspoken About The Michigan Football Program, And Yes It Has Cost Him. Edwards Was Suspended By The BIG-10 Network Last Year For His Profanity-Lased Tirade About Michigan Quarterback Shea Patterson.

I Know I Am An Ohio State Fan. And Yes I Absolutely Agree With Braylon Edwards On What He Said About Patterson. Shea Patterson Is a Garbage Quarterback And I'm With Braylon On That All The Way. And As Far As Jim Harbaugh's Approach To The Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry, Braylon Edwards Is Spot On About How Jim Harbaugh Doesn't Take The Rivalry Seriously Until The Week Of The Big Game.

But All In All I Would Like To Sit Down With Braylon Edwards To Discuss The Status Of The Michigan Program And I Would Be a Respectful Person, I'm An Ohio State Fan Through And Through, But The First Question I Would Ask Would Be, Do You Think Jim Harbaugh Should Be Fired If He Loses To Ohio State. That Would Be The First Question I Would Ask Braylon Edwards If I Ever Get a Sit Down Interview With Him.

And I Closing, I Will Say This Now. If Michigan Loses One Or Two Games Along The Way Or If Ohio State Beats Michigan, Jim Harbaugh Will Be Fired In My Opinion.

And I Don't Like Braylon Edwards Because He's a Michigan Player, But He's Spot Right About Jim Harbaugh And The Status Of The Michigan Football Program.

Bottom Line..