Who's on Top? Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

By Andrew Walbrown
Oct. 08, 2019

So unlike past years I didn't do Power Rankings during the first five weeks because, simply put, we have no idea who anybody is. Now that it is Week 6 I have a better feel for the teams, though I wouldn't say I know 100% how good anyone actually is still. Anyway, here they are:

32. Washington Redskins (0-5)

Wait? Not Miami? Yeah not Miami, because while both teams are still winless at least Miami has steadily improved from their Week 1 disaster against Baltimore. These two teams play each other on Sunday in Miami, which to me, will ultimately decide who picks first in the draft.

31. New York Jets (0-4)

I'm probably running on bias here, but the Jets have looked atrocious this year. I mean, I knew they would suck with Adam Gase running the show, but my god. Feel free to disagree with this, but there's no denying the Jets are a god awful team.

30. Miami Dolphins (0-4)

Hacks will look at Miami being outscored by a massive amount and go "herp derp college team" but they don't watch the games and they don't see the Dolphins keeping it close until the 4th quarter over the last three weeks against some of the best teams in the game. Essentially why Miami is here and not 32nd is because they've played elite competition and the others haven't.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (0-5)

Has the NFL ever had so many 0 wins team in October? The Bengals started off with a solid performance in Seattle, but since then? Blah. I mean really, you can rearrange these winless teams in any order and I'd give it to you.

28. Atlanta Falcons (1-4)

I want to like the Falcons more, but my god, are they even trying? I can't imagine Dan Quinn is long for this franchise. A team with Matty Ice, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, etc. shouldn't be this bad. But here we are.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4)

They'd be a little higher if their QBs would stop getting knocked out of games (literally), or maybe if they didn't let generational talents leave (LeVeon Bell). The Ravens game showed they still have a penchant to be competitive but it's gonna be a loooong year for the Steel City.

26. Arizona Cardinals (1-3-1)

The first year coach and quarterback combo are getting better each week, although it helps playing easier competition like lowly Cincinnati. A good sign, though, is the team is playing hard for Kingsbury.

25. New York Giants (2-3)

Well the good feelings weren't going to last forever, but I don't think anyone was surprised by the result against the Vikings. Now a tough task against the Patriots on a short week awaits. Have fun with that Danny Dimes.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3)

To be fair, I haven't watched much of the Buccaneers season. However, the offense is coming along very nicely. They just need a little more consistency (and QB protection).

23. Cleveland Browns (2-3)

Usually I give teams the benefit of the doubt because of SOS, but most teams don't come into the season with the same hype the Browns had. Look, this is a franchise that is leaps and bounds better than they were two years ago, but it's clear to me they still have a long ways to go.

22. Denver Broncos (1-4)

Finally the Broncos got a win! They're much better than their record indicates; they could just as easily be 4-1. It might be a little too late for them, but who knows? There is still plenty of football left to play this year.

21. Losandiegoles Chargers (2-3)

I think the Chargers are a better team than their record, but losing to the Broncos hurts. Especially when you consider the division they're in. With games against the Steelers, Titans, and Bears coming up soon there is potential to go on a run.

20. Chicago Bears (3-2)

Harsh? Can you say you've been impressed with the Bears at any point this season? I sure as hell can't. They might be this year's version of last year's Jaguars.

19. Tennessee Titans (2-3)

The Titans have been stuck in a funk now for a decade. They just seem to be the same 8 or 9 win team every year, and it showed in a 7 point outing against the Bills. I'd like to see them change it up and give Tannehill a shot. Who knows? Maybe Mariota is the reason they've been stuck in neutral for a decade.

18. Oakland Raiders (3-2)

Josh Jacobs is a stud and, even if you hate the Raiders, you have to admit they've made a lot of progress between this year and last. We'll see how long the good vibes last with the Packers, Texans, Lions, and Chargers on the horizon.

17. Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

I'd put them higher if Kirk Cousins wasn't the QB. That's just a fact. Sure, he did well this weekend, but that was against the Giants. We'll see if the good vibes on offense continue next week. Side note: Dalvin Cook should get more recognition for MVP.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)

The Jags are better than most people believe, and as long as Gardner Minshew keeps performing, so will this team. They ran into Run CMC (or he ran into them) and next week won't be any easier with Alvin Kamara in town. But who knows, the Jags might just pull it out.

15. Carolina Panthers (3-2)

Run CMC for MVP? So far, hell yeah. Also, should the Panthers put Cam Newton in when he comes back? I mean, this team looks soooo much better without him. Maybe once there is enough tape on Kyle Allen the offense will slow down, but I wouldn't blame Carolina for benching Cam if the Panthers keep performing without him.

14. Dallas Cowboys (3-2)

Also harsh? I don't think so. They clean up against the bottom teams in the league and get thoroughly dominated by tougher competition. Dallas is an above average team masquerading as a contender.

13. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

There's been so much debate over whether or not the Ravens are legitimate (or Lamar Jackson for that matter), and I think they are a bubble contender. Remember, they went to KC and almost beat the Chiefs.

12. Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

I sure am glad the Colts won against the Chiefs, because now people will take Jacoby Brissett more seriously. I said years ago that Brissett was a solid QB, he just didn't have any talent around him when they went 3-13 or whatever their record was. This team could sneak up on people this year.

11. Detroit Lions (2-1-1)

Probably not the most popular ranking of mine so far, but the Lions could just as easily be 4-0 as they are 2-1-1. The game against the Chiefs was a statement game, regardless of the fact that they ended up losing.

10. Houston Texans (3-2)

My biggest complaint about the Texans for years has been offense related, because no matter how good their defense has been, so often their offense sputters. But when DeShaun Watson is on fire, this team is unstoppable. Could this be Houston's year to finally make a deep playoff run?

9. LA Rams (3-2)

The Rams have problems, obviously, but they're still a top ten team capable of beating anyone. Hopefully Zuerlein's misses don't become a habit.

8. Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Truth be told, I don't like the Bills this high, but who else was I going to put here? Everyone behind them has problems and Buffalo is a goal line stand against the Patriots away from 5-0. They also just rebounded from that loss to beat a pretty good Titans team in Nashville. So yeah, let's go Buffalo!

7. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

The Philly defense crushed it last week...but of course that was against the Jets so that isn't saying much. We'll see how well they stack up against Dallas and Minnesota in the next few weeks.

6. New England Patriots (5-0)

But but the Pats are undefeated! And they have Tom Brady! And blah blah blah I don't care. They haven't played anyone. Oh sure they played the Bills...but the BIlls have no offense. I've watched their games and even though they're playing winless teams every week Tom Brady and the offense look just okay. Can't wait until they play someone that doesn't suck.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

I can't say I'm too surprised by the loss to the Colts, but I am surprised the offense only scored 13 points. I don't think Chiefs fans should be too concerned. Remember, the Colts tend to stymie the Chiefs offense and this game was no different.

4. San Francisco 49ers (4-0)

They're undefeated and just crushed the Browns on Monday Night. What more could you want? Like the Pats, though, they haven't really played top competition yet, so I don't know exactly how good they really are.

3. Seattle Seahawks (4-1)

I know I know, they're not even leading their division. I don't care, they've played better teams than the Niners and have a proven track record of excellence with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll.

2. Green Bay Packers (4-1)

They just went to Dallas and dominated the Cowboys. Sure, the final score was only a 10 point difference, but this game wasn't really that close. If not for red zone bad luck against the Eagles, the Pack would be 5-0. Think about that for a minute.

1. New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Sure they have a loss, but I don't care. They've played far superior competition WHILE using their backup QB. And the scariest part? Teddy Bridgewater gets better every week, which is huge, because that means Drew Brees doesn't need to rush back to save the season.