Who's On Top? Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

By Andrew Walbrown
Oct. 23, 2019

So here's the thing, I'm sick, so I'm not going to go into as much detail this week as to why teams are where they are. Okay? Cool. Here we go:

32. Miami Dolphins (0-6)

They're getting better. This week at Buffalo the Dolphins held a 5 point lead until the 4th, which is a significant improvement from earlier weeks. But until Miami wins a game, I can't leapfrog them over anyone.

31. Cincinnati Bengals (0-6)

I didn't watch the game against Jacksonville, but their roster is more talented than Miami's. When these two meet in a few weeks will decide the #1 pick in the draft (and quite possibly our 3rd 0-16 team in about a decade).

30. Atlanta Falcons (1-6)

The Falcons were one of the worst teams in the league before Matt Ryan was hobbled by an ankle sprain and Sanu was traded to New England, how much more dreadful are they going to be going forward?

29. Washington (1-6)

I almost want to give Washington a pass on the 9-0 game because of the rain, but I'm not going to. I will, however, move them up a spot since it was against the undefeated Niners.

28. New York Jets (1-5)

I can't think of anything more Jetsian than getting shut-out at home against the Patriots a week after putting on an A+ performance against the Cowboys. Or anything more fitting for an Adam Gase run team. The only reason I don't drop them further is because their one win is more impressive than Washington's.

27. New York Giants (2-5)

Speaking of bad teams from New York. Yeeesh. Is it fair to say the lovefest for Daniel Jones has subsided a little? Or are we blaming this run of ineptitude on Pat Shurmur? Or injuries? Or all of the above?

26. Denver Broncos (2-5)

Ya knocked out Pat Mahomes and still got torched, and ya somehow made the KC defense look elite. Congrats Broncos, you're awful. *Also, they traded Emmanuel Sanders today

25. Losandiegoles Chargers (2-5)

I personally believe the Chargers have the potential to be far better than what they've shown so far, but if you can't punch the ball in from the 1 yard line to win the game, then you deserve to be 2-5. I feel bad for Phillip Rivers.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

They had a bye week, but move up on virtue that the Chargers really sucked this week.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

They had a bye week and I didn't think it was right to change their ranking.

22. Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1)

Here's something weird: the entire NFC West is .500 or above. Even the Cardinals. Wow! Sure, they're beating bad teams, but isn't that what middle of the pack squads should do anyway?

21. Cleveland Browns (2-4)

Hopefully, they sorted some stuff out during the bye week. Don't hold your breath though.

20. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Talk about getting smacked around. My God, Philly. The only reason you're this high is because you beat the Packers a few weeks ago. But wow. 37-10? Ouch.

19. Chicago Bears (3-3)

I only saw the highlights from the Bears/Saints game, but my god did Trubisky look awful. You may ask why I didn't move the Bears from the 19th spot after a big loss to the Saints, and I'll simply answer: yes.

18. Oakland Raiders (3-3)

Much like the Bears, I couldn't really move the Raiders anywhere new despite getting slapped around by the Packers. I will say, in their defense, that if Derek Carr doesn't (idiotically) fumble the ball for a touchback then that game is completely different. But it doesn't matter, because it's all in the past now.

17. Tennessee Titans (3-4)

Yeah, it's kind of a big jump for the Titans, but the teams immediately behind them sucked so much over the weekend that I was left with only this choice. Glad to see my boy Tannehill get a dub for his new team. He deserved better from Miami.

16. Detroit Lions (2-3-1)

I still think the Lions are a really good team, but Kirk Cousins just shredded them, and losing Kerryon Johnson doesn't help any. Also trading away your starting safety midseason doesn't bode well for the rest of the year.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)

A lot of people won't agree with this, but I don't care. I love me some Gardner Minshew II. Get over it.

14. Dallas Cowboys (4-3)

So do we think that was a great performance by the Cowboys, or an atrocious one by the Eagles? Or both? Either way, the final score was 37-10 over the hated Eagles, which makes the bye week even sweeter.

13. LA Rams (4-3)

While the game against Atlanta wasn't exactly a statement win, it definitely was good for morale around the building. This week against Cincinnati couldn't come at a better time either in order to build some momentum going into the meat and bones of the season.

12. Buffalo Bills (5-1)

"How do you win a game and lose four spots in the rankings," you may ask. Well, it's simple. You get dominated for 75% of the game against a winless Miami team...while at home. Sure they won, but if the Bills want to be taken seriously, they need to put away teams like Miami early (especially at home).

11. Seattle Seahawks (5-2)

Okay, so that was embarrassing, yeah? It isn't like the Seahawks were dominated in that game, but you aren't going to win many games giving up two defensive TDs...to anyone...let alone a good team. It's correctable though.

10. Carolina Panthers (4-2)

It was a bye week, so they ain't movin'.

9. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

You want a statement win? We can argue whether or not Lamar Jackson's playstyle will last long-term in the NFL, but there is no denying his brilliance for now. Also glad to see the Marcus Peters trade paying immediate dividends for the boys in purple and black.

8. Houston Texans (4-3)

I'm not going to punish the Texans too harshly for losing to a division rival on the road, especially when said division rival is a Top 10 team. I don't have to because the standings will do that for me.

7. Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

The Colts are legit (which I've been saying all season). They now have wins over the Texans and Chiefs, which is far more impressive than most teams (including the undefeated ones) can claim.

6. Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

I, like most people, are waiting for Kirk Cousins to implode again. So enjoy it while you can, Vikes fans.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

The bad news: Mahomes got injured. The good news? He'll be back for the Pats game and Matt Moore is a bubble starter in this league. Remember, this is a guy who led the Dolphins to the playoffs after Tannehill got injured a few weeks ago. You're in good hands. Hopefully, your defense can replicate what it did against Denver.

4. New England Patriots (7-0)

*Yawn* maybe one of these days they'll play a legitimate team? Quick, name a good QB (or offense) they've played this year. Go on, I'll wait.

3. San Francisco 49ers (6-0)

I know I know, the Niners are undefeated and all that jazz. But in my rankings who you play is more significant than in most people's rankings, and only beating Washington 9-0 (even if it was in the rain) is a little disappointing. You want to impress me? Beat the socks off the Panthers this week.

2. Green Bay Packers (6-1)

I flip the Pack and the Niners all the time in my head, but what separates them to me is Aaron Rodgers. Remember, the Pack are only going to get better as the team gets more comfortable with the schemes introduced by the new coaching staff.

1. New Orleans Saints (6-1)

Teddy Bridgewater is undefeated so far this season, and the Saints just laid the smackdown on the Bears...outside...on the road...without Alvin Kamara. I mean, what? How can anyone say they aren't the #1 team? They're doing this with A FREAKING BACKUP QB!