The Importance of Tonight's MNF game for Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin was drafted to replace panther all time reception leader Steve Smith. During his rookie campaign, he caught 73 passes for 1008 yards and 9 TDs. The future was bright for Benjamin until his sophomore year was caught due to a season ending knee injury. This year there was many expectations for Benjamin to come back strong and continue his stellar play from his rookie year. Unfortunately, this season is nothing reminiscent of his rookie year. There are times where Benjamin gives up during plays such as not running routes fully or giving up on blocks. Then again, not everything is Benjamin’s fault for his mediocre play. Quarterback Cam Newton has not played like the MVP he was last year having lows in completion percentage. Benjamin this year has caught only 51 passes for 736 yards and 5 TDs. Over the last 4 games he has only caught a total of 8 passes, not the numbers a #1 receiver should produce. Tonight’s MNF game against the Redskins should be a crucial game for Benjamin to break his slump. Not only it is in prime-time but also he will likely line up against former teammate Josh Norman. Norman was a big story over the offseason demanding a new contract asking to be the NFL’S highest paid corner. The Panthers offered him a franchised tag and then rescinded it allowing Norman to walk. Norman felt “back-stabbed” by the panthers and is looking forward to having a big game against his former team. For Benjamin, nothing will feel better than having a big game against one of the league’s top cornerbacks on national television. Benjamin will need this game to shut up his critics because he is very capable of being a total monster on the offensive end. It is expected to be a lot of smack to be talked on the field from Norman, Benjamin will need to ignore that and concentrate on the game to knockout the Redskins from playoff contention. Having a strong performance tonight will build up momentum for Benjamin to finish strong this season.