Evander Kane: The Sabres Most Valuable Asset

Evander Kane of the Buffalo Sabres is having a stellar season, and because of his production this season he has become the Sabres most valuable asset. 

Kane has scored 16 goals in 42 games this season, and 15 of those goals have come while playing at even strength good enough for top 10 in the league for ES Goals. Anyone who has watched Kane play over his career knows he is a top level goal scorer, and after a 20+ goal season last year he is poised to do that again this year for the Sabres.

In the past Kane has been the subject of character issues but there is no doubting that the guy can just flat out score. Kane has been a force for Buffalo since returning from a rib injury and because of this has become extremely valuable for Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres.

Kane's value is twofold,  the Sabres can keep him and he continue to be one of the team's premier goal scorers OR Tim Murray can explore options to trade Kane in order to acquire a legitimate top 4 D-Man to play with Rasmus Ristolainen. Obviously Kane would need to be packaged with other assets but his trade options would definitely be worth exploring over the next month.

The way Kane is playing there is literally no downside, either Tim Murray Keeps Kane and he continues to put up numbers and help the Sabres claw back into the race or Murray can move him for a better D-Man and help the Sabres going forward.

Regardless of what the Sabres do with Kane there is no doubt that he has become Buffalo's most valuable asset this season.