ballfrog:EXPERIENTIAL Learning in Sports

My whole life I have either played or watched sports. While winning has been an important aspect of my passion, life lessons seem to be what stays with me more than anything...

Sometimes the journey or even the loss is what puts things in perspective for you and allows you to grow the most. In fact, winning can sometimes have the opposite effect if you are not careful.

Since 2012, ballfrog sports technology has been building community through sports communication and content. We all want to know what is going on and back in the day, you got to see that in person or read it about it in the local paper. Today, it can be done through technology but even then, it can sometimes be too overwhelming. We strive to make it better and easier.

As we continue to grow our company, we look for other ways to help this and are even exploring outside the sports world to help achieve the same thing.

Recently, we started working with education institutions to help teach these principles through a hands-on approach using our platform. The feedback has been amazing!

If you have any desire to bring this to your school, specifically Sports Marketing, Media or Journalism class, please let us know.


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