Creating A Ryan Braun-Yasiel Puig Trade Package

By Jacob Carmendy
Sep. 25, 2016

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

?Recently, we heard reports that the Dodgers and Brewers nearly came to terms on a deal that would've sent Ryan Braun to Los Angeles in exchange for a trade package that would've included Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig. However, the two sides couldn't agree to the deal in time as the trade deadline had passed before terms were agreed upon. The hold up however, was the final player the two teams discussed caused the issue to occur. Now with both teams reportedly set to discuss this trade again in the offseason, what could we see in a Puig-Braun trade? 

It's a given that with Braun's big contract the Brewers will probably eat a portion of his contract but at the same time it's the Dodgers he would be going to, and with their giant pockets they may have little issue with taking on most of his contract. Here's one trade scenario I could see that would make some sense. 

Dodgers Get: OF Ryan Braun, Cash

Brewers Get: OF Yasiel Puig, 1B/OF Cody Bellinger, P Brandon McCarthy($11MM)

In this deal the Dodgers receive only Braun. However, the Brewers will also cover a small portion of cash in the deal(as mentioned above) and on top of that will eat Brandon McCarthy's contract. The Brewers also receive a good return in Dodgers top prospect Cody Bellinger, who expects to be a quality big league regular in the near future, along with Puig who could benefit from the change of scenery(another positive is his performance since returning from the minors). 

Whether or not that deal is too much or too little is up to the many who will react to what I have created here(bear with me here), but here's another deal that I will let everyone speculate on..

Dodgers Get: OF Ryan Braun, Cash($6MM from Brewers per year), IF Jonathan Villar?

Brewers Get: OF Yasiel Puig, 2B Willie Calhoun, P Jordan Sheffield, P Jacob Rhame

The positive on the Brewers side here is once again they get Puig, but they also receive two really top notch prospects in Calhoun and Sheffield, along with a potential solid reliever in Rhame. Calhoun and his power bat could fill in for Villar, as scouting reports have Calhoun potentially moving to 3rd base as he moves up into the majors. Calhoun's shaky defense does not compare to Villar's, however his bat more than makes up for it. Sheffield's stuff makes him a future middle of the rotation starter, and Rhame projects to be a reliever with potential to be a No. 4 starter in the majors. The Brewers would pay a portion of Braun's contract per year. 

On the Dodgers side they get a stud in Jonathan Villar who can provide speed and a good glove along with his hitting that has picked up in the last year. And obviously, Ryan Braun. 

There's many more potential scenario's out there that people will create, and without a doubt there will be some really good ones. While it's not a given that the Dodgers and Brewers will make a Braun-Puig trade in the offseason, it's at least something that will be discussed this winter. 

So, tell me what you guys think, have thoughts of your own trade scenario's? How'd I do? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!