Detroit Tigers Notes; Justin Upton Contract, Prospects, J.D. Martinez Trade, Payroll

By Jacob Carmendy
Oct. 26, 2016

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

?Some notes on the Tigers; 

-The Tigers tried to trade Justin Upton, and will most likely continue just that this offseason. While many will look at it as a salary dump move if they deal him, the Tigers could still get a decent return due to Upton's late season surge. 

-The Tigers don't have a big collection of prospects, but they do have a few interesting names in Matt Manning, Beau Burrows, and Joe Jimenez. Jimenez could be major league ready as early as next season due to his dominant performance in the minors last year. And while Manning and Burrows are still a ways away, both have pretty high ceilings. 

-If anyone is going to be traded this offseason by the Tigers, it will most likely be J.D. Martinez. Martinez's value is as high as it can get, and with GM Al Avila's unwillingness to sign him to an extension will play a role in the Tigers potentially dealing him. It is worth noting the Tigers will look for a huge return in a Martinez trade. 

-Cutting payroll will be the top priority for the Tigers this offseason, but it will be hard to cut some of the huge salaries the team has, due both in part to no-trade clauses and the fact that team's won't want to eat massive salaries that the Tigers players are owed.