Offseason Trade Candidate: Brian Dozier

By Jacob Carmendy
Sep. 19, 2016

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

​The Minnesota Twins have been terrible, flat out terrible this season, holding one of the worst records in all of baseball despite coming into the season with at least some expectations of competing and taking a step forward. Several young players who were expected to have an impact on the 2016 Twins have significantly underwhelmed this year, further contributing to the miserable 55-95 record the team has. There has been one bright spot however, and his name is Brian Dozier, the Twins 2nd Baseman. 

Dozier has been amazing this year in the Twins lineup, batting .280 with a whopping 41 homers and 98 RBI's this year. His amazing season has been overshadowed by the Twins bad season, but that shouldn't keep him from receiving votes for the AL MVP award. With Dozier's elite season his trade value is at its highest ever. A last place Twins team that's set to undergo a change in front office personnel should really consider dealing the elite 2nd baseman, as he can really bring back a phenomenal return this offseason. 

There are plenty of teams that could use the powerful 2nd Baseman, but who would pay up the prospect package that it would take to get Dozier? 

​Philadelphia Phillies? 

​The Phillies have expressed interest in wanting to add a veteran player who can produce significantly in the lineup, however they have only mentioned free agents. Dozier would fit the bill as a productive veteran who can help take this team a step closer to contention again. But once again we must remember, Philadelphia is in a rebuild and trading a bunch of top prospects for Dozier does not make sense since the Phillies are still trying to figure out what they have for the future. Plus, Minnesota is going to want top pitching in return and while the Phillies have young premium pitching, they will probably be loath to giving up young rotation pieces right now. Of course, they did discuss Vince Velasquez with the Rangers back at the trade deadline so who knows. 

​Los Angeles Angels? 

​I'll just stop before I start thinking about this one.. 

​Atlanta Braves? 

​The Braves are absolutely loaded with young pitching that the Twins would go nuts for, however there's only one way this is going to work, Dozier would have to switch positions and the only one he could probably switch to is 3rd base and who knows how he would play there. The Braves have their up the middle future already set in Dansby Swanson at short and Ozzie Albies at 2nd, so Dozier wouldn't fit in those plans. There is the fact that the Braves are now willing to trade from their enviable pitching depth to advance their rebuild and Dozier is a great bat to fit into the lineup, but once again, a bunch of obstacles keep this fit from happening. 

​Los Angeles Dodgers? 

​The Twins more than likely would ask for either Julio Urias or Jose De Leon, which would immediately shut down talks.

New York Mets? 

It's almost a guarantee that the Mets would have interest if Dozier becomes available, but they may be prioritizing re-signing Neil Walker over anything else this offseason. 

​Tampa Bay Rays? 

​This is actually an interesting one. The Rays have Logan Forsythe entrenched at second, but they could still make a deal work. The Rays have tons of MLB pitching to trade from, which would be of prime interest to the Twins and Dozier's contract could be affordable enough for the Rays to take on. 

There could be yet more teams that could have interest in Dozier this offseason, but what it's going to take to pry Dozier from the Twins in the end, pitching. The Twins should definitely make Dozier available this offseason, as he would be perhaps the top bat on the trade market and he would offer an alternative to spending $100MM+ on a free agent bat.