Quick Notes; Cardinals Closer, Yu Darvish

By Jacob Carmendy
Oct. 18, 2017

Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports
Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

-With Trevor Rosenthal out for all of next season due to Tommy John surgery, the Cardinals will be active in their search for a new closer. Greg Holland has been the most frequently mentioned name of the bunch but there will be plenty to choose from this winter both in free agency and in trades. Wade Davis, Brad Hand, Raisel Iglesias, and the already mentioned Holland are some of the top names to watch.

-Yu Darvish will have plenty of suitors lined up for his services this offseason and one team to watch for this winter regarding Darvish is the Phillies. Philadelphia has plenty of payroll space to work with and could use a top of the rotation arm to go with Aaron Nola as the team’s contention window gets closer to opening up.