Sonny Gray Traded To The Rangers A Possibility?

By Jacob Carmendy
Jul. 11, 2016

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

​It's obvious Sonny Gray has been a trade candidate for the Oakland A's over the past year and the top rumored landing spot for him has overwhelmingly been the Boston Red Sox. But let's take a quick look at another team that could make a run at acquiring the star pitcher. 

The Texas Rangers have continued to survey the starting pitching market for a top starter even after acquiring Cole Hamels last year. They would like to grab one at the dealine this year, but that's unlikely to happen. The offseason will most likely be a better time for that. But time to speculate way out there. 

It would be very very hard to pry him away from the division rival A's, as they may not want to trade him within the division, if they trade him at all. With the Rangers enviable prospect depth, they could certainly get a solid enough package together to make the A's consider a deal for Sonny Gray. Could it happen? No one knows but baseball is a funny game.