Yankees Need To Punt On 2016 Season and Add Pieces For The Future

By Jacob Carmendy
Jul. 08, 2016

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have been treading water this entire season so far, sitting at a lackluster 42-43 and sitting 7.5 games back of the division leading Baltimore Orioles. With so much competition already in front of them in their own division, the Yankees should definitely end all hopes of making the playoffs this season and add some young pieces to the farm system and/or roster for the future. 

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been considering selling for weeks now, but hasn't made any definitive decision due to the fact ownership most likely wants him to wait all the way up to the trade deadline to make the decision. Which makes sense because the team is technically one good win streak or one great month away from being a contender for a playoff spot once again. 

But let's say that doesn't happen. Among the many trade chips the Yankees have that could entice teams are Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, Chase Headley, Brett Gardner, and CC Sabathia. All could land the Yanks a nice haul at the August 1st trade deadline. 

The most coveted of that bunch though, are the Yankees relievers. The trio of Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Dellin Betances have been discussed a lot over the past month and trade talks revolving around the three certainly aren't going to quit anytime soon. These are the players the Yankees would easily get the most in return for in a trade package. 

While I don't see Betances being traded at all, and Miller as well unless if a team coughs up a kings ransom for him, Chapman could very well be dealt at the deadline, as he is a free agent at seasons end. 

Now moving onto the other trade candidates. Carlos Beltran is next in line when it comes to the Yankees getting a better return, as Beltran is having a phenomenal season on top of being a free agent at seasons end. Gardner could bring in a decent return, but not a return the Yankees will most likely want. Sabathia won't be dealt unless if the Yankees pay down the majority of his massive contract, and teams will surely watch him closely to see if his big season will hold up or not.  

Suffice it to say, the Yankees have plenty of pieces from which to trade from, and they should really consider the possibilities when it comes to selling off this year and preparing their plan for contending next season. Young talent is a premium in baseball right now and the Yankees need all they can get. The farm system is a lot better than recent years' past, but it never hurts to add another couple of exciting young players to the system. However, easier said than done.