My thoughts on first returns of All-Star Votes for East (Frontcourt)

By Dino
Jan. 06, 2019

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL), 991,561 votes

- Yeah makes a lot of sense, with what he is doing this year he deserves to be at this spot

2. Kawhi Leonard (TOR), 774,172 votes

- Kawhi in Toronto is working really good, especially at the beginning of the season. It's easy to see that he is still himself

3. Joel Embiid (PHI), 648,002 votes

- Yeah not too much of a surprise here either, Embiid will always be a fan favorite. He is really good and will probably stay at the top of this list for a long time

4. Jimmy Butler (PHI), 222,206 votes

- Actually a little surprising because of how controversial he has been lately. He is a great player and puts of the stats but lots of people don't like him very much

5. Jayson Tatum (BOS), 214,622 votes

- I get that a lot of people really like Tatum because he is young and will be very good and have a great career, but I don't think he should be above Blake Griffin

6. Blake Griffin (DET), 192,694 votes

- A little low with the season he is having this year, would like to see some Detroit fans get on here and vote him up a little more. He's going crazy this year

7. Vince Carter (ATL) , 76,022 votes

- I like the respect the fans are putting in for the great Vinsanity, we have to realize it's not all about the stats or their game

8. Andre Drummond (DET), 68,204 votes

- Love Drummond as a Detroit fan and think this is a good spot for him, he should always be a All-Star at least for his rebounding ability, this year he is putting up more points as well playing next to Blake.

9. Gordon Hayward (BOS), 66,492 votes

- The story is great for Hayward, coming back from that ankle injury that held him out all last year. I don't think he is as important to Boston at the moment than Al Horford

10. Al Horford (BOS), 62,288 votes

- I agree that Horford is an All-Star, unfortunately he's not the most popular player in the NBA but he did have a strong showing in the first returns which is great

My East Frontcourt votes:

Andre Drummond

Blake Griffin

Kawhi Leonard