No 1 Boxing King Malky intends to be a knockout in the Tech World

Dec. 11, 2016

It was 2013 when Malky Mayweather did an interview with BaylorIC Worldwide Television promoting how dominant he was on fight night champion on the playstation 3 console.  He was dominating the gaming world and causing a storm beating opponents online with great defensive skills and an awesome offense remaing unbeaten in the process and gaining the title of Pound For Pound. On his trail of destruction he also went on to beat the developer of the fight night champion series! In 2016 he is back.. Malky now wants to be a knockout in the app world.  He returns to BaylorIC Worldwide to give us an exclusive look into VIZREC- A facial recognition app to detect celebrities. However, this is just the start of the type of features this state of the art tech... which wll be available on smart phones. Check out the interview with Malky and then check out the app... this young man wants to become no1 in the tech world..!!