The Taylor Christies Interview on BaylorIC Worldwide TV

By BWTM Sports Blog
Mar. 25, 2017

Taylor Christies Live & Exclusive Interview

Boxing Commentator, Presenter and Sports Model from the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.

Taylor Christies, Fighter at Heart

Taylor christies, 37, is a unorthodox fighter when it comes to the world of boxing. Shes not a fighter in the sense shes going toe to toe with other girls in the ring. More of the sense shes helping fight those battles in and outside of the ring. Taylor is one of the best boxing trainers in Australia. Her program sees to have her fighters prepared physically and mentally before going into the ring. In 2007, Christies opened up her own facility “Legends Boxing Gym” fighters down under came and studied the sweet sciene. Unfortunately soon after Taylor’s life halted when she was diagnosed with cancer. God gave her the standing 8 count and she knocked out cancer soon after. After getting back up, Taylor grasped after opportunities with a modeling career and reopening another gym “VIP BOXING”. Shes not only helping boxers train but shes bringing youth.